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LAKE HAVASU CITY- Is It A Go-To Spot During the Winter?

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Well, we thought that we would stay a few days in Lake Havasu before making our next move. I visited back in my 'Milk and Honey' days along with a couple of bandmates. Back then it was to camp, ride jet skis, and jam. So I did not have a full experience in regard to organized activities. This was to be a new experience for all of us since our focus would be on family activities and learning more about the area.
We always stock fruit....
never disappoints
the tum-tum.
Because we arrived in the evening checking out where to go on BLM Land (you can boondock up to 14 days) would have been a bit of a challenge. We decided to check it out the next day. Daylight hours would allow us to drive around and really get a sense of the landscape and how the Lake looked during the day. We parked at the local Lowes store...which has been our place for picking up things to update the rv.

When we woke up we were a little surprised by how it seemed to be a little desolate. We drovemy new housing developments and not a lot of business. There are a significant number of places that cater to boaters. There are a couple of thrift stores (Goodwill and the Salvation Army.) so that made me happy. Found a few things at the latter, but Goodwill unfortunately did not offer up any goodies for me to snatch up. I did make a second trip there this morning and picked up a belt for Myles who is now wearing jeans! Their prices were pretty steep for what they offer. If trying to decide between the two and not having a lot of time I would definitely visit the S.A. 
Belt for Myles' jeans...thrift store finds!
One pair is Levi's....!

Of course not all the places we visit are going to have museums and cultural activities. L.H.C. does however have the actual London Bridge (which was bought and transported in 1971), an In n Out, and a wonderful donut spot call 'Donut Post' which we visited this morning. If you need to pick up a few small things for your trip they have a Family Dollar and a Dollar Tree along with a few supermarkets. There is a local Organic Store we did not have the chance to check out. We also opted out of visiting the park because it is on the expensive side. It would cost us $65 a visit. That made it a no brainer to stay at Lowes for one more night. 

During our drive and stop at In n Out (ya know I was going to eat there!) we realized just how Lake Havasu is missing a diverse population with 90% of its residents being white. I actually had several people look at me with a blank stare when I said hello. They stared as we walked up, did not acknowledge our greeting, stared during our visit, then...ya guessed it...STARED as we walked away. This was not a good stop and we decided to move on. Others might have a different view, however our experience was blatant. It might have something to with the fact that a significant amount of the demographic happen to be older white men. It ranks #2 on this list of most conservative cities in Arizona. Why oh why did we visit here again? 
Seeing 'Rogue One' was a
highlight because of the
time spent w/Myles!

Instead of four days we spent about 36 hours.....with a few of them being in the library. Thus allowing me to pen the blog for today. The more we see of the country the more we experience those who are not open minded and have a hang up in regards to a bi-racial family. There are probably lots of nice folks who reside here. Unfortunately we did not come across many. I believe that we are receiving a more accurate measure of this countries stance on race relations. Relocating will not come soon enough. Where we WANT to be is very cold so having the temps rise will be a better recipe for a happy family.

So, how would I rate Lake Havasu City (in the winter-the summer could be different)?: rated 1-5 with 1 being the lowest

Cost- 2 If you plan on visiting the National Park and 4 if you plan to visit BLM land. The National Park is by far the most expensive cost we have seen. I should add that the gas prices are awesome. If you need to gas up and can make it there I say go for it!

Convenience- 4 The drive is an easy one. When you exit it is pretty much a straight shot to get to the city. Though it is hard for me to call it that. It seems more like a town to me.

Accessibility (handicapped and children)- 4.5 The London Bridge can be crossed both on foot and car. Most of the businesses seem to have handicapped ramps. For children....strollers, backpacks, and/or walking should be no problem because of the sidewalks.

Once again I wanted to mention that I visited quite a while back during the summer months. It could be a completely different story in the summer. A busy Lake Havasu City could very well be a changed L.H.C. For was not a good fit. We have decided to move on and will be joining Josh at our next stop (he went early to set up Eartha).

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