Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Just a Few Things That Have Helped Us Waste Less & Stay on Budget

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This morning while posting a picture of my healthy easy to make breakfast on instagram (https://www.instagram.com/haveparasolwilltravel) I thought that I might share a few things that I have done to make sure that we use all of our veggies, fruit, and produce less waste. All of these things were not very expensive and have paid for themselves (within 1-2 weeks) without fail. If you are thinking about RVing full-time or renting one on a regular basis these items are must haves. Heck...you could even use them at home RV or no RV.
The hummus turned out amazing...

The first item is what I used to make my morning smoothie. I came across it at Walgreens while looking for a smaller coffee maker (which I ended up finding at Best Buy). I highly recommend picking up a Walgreens card because those points add up. You can find many things (like generic Cetaphil or fleece lined leggings-2 for $10)) at a better price. Often they are two for one. The one I purchased is called the Bella Blender
(https://www.bellahousewares.com/en-us/products/blenders/12-piece-rocket-blender). It comes with several tops along with two large cups and one small. It is available in four colors...red, orange, black, and white. There are two blade attachments that allow you to chop up different ingredients. Below are just a few of the things I have made along with some that I am going to make in the future.
The color....beautiful AND

-freshly grated parmesan
-ice cream
-bread crumbs
-refried beans
-milk shake
-salad dressing
-chopped cilantro or onions

These are just a few things. I am sure that there will be many more!

Next are the tried and true mason jars. I have seen many other sing their praises for a while. Because of their size I have been able to store many of my bulk items. Both the kids and I are able to manage them much easier. The ledge in the RV keeps them snugly held in place. Others have placed them in their cupboards. Most RV's have latching that keep the cupboards closed when driving. I picked up nine from the $.99 Only Store. They were made in the U.S.A. so they were wonderfully budget friendly. I am going to pick up labels today and replenish them from bulk bags whenever needed. 
Almost dialed in...picked up a few
more storage items at Ikea.

The third is what I have used when boondocking. Because we conserve water on these days even a military (wet down-turn off water-lather up-then rinse off) shower can still use too much water. This is especially true since our shower head needs replacing. What I use are wipes. Josh had forwarded me an article from another RV'er who recommended water based wipes. You go from head to tow wiping yourself down. I use two additional ones for private areas. The blogger would toss them in the fire. Since we have not done that I simply throw them away. You can find them at either Target or Walmart. She also recommended filling either a bucket or the sink with two heaping tablespoons of baking soda and warm water then do the same (from head to tow). I alternate and do the military shower on the second or third day. All have worked really well and allowed us to maintain proper water use. 
Lunch from Taco Tijuana. Josh and I
shared a large ($10.99)

If you are an RV'er and have any additional recommendations for staying on budget and/or becoming more organized I would love to hear from you.

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