Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Skin We're In....!

Hello Luvs,
Without this family my journey
would be so different.

Not quite sure how today's blog came into this fluttering mind, but I felt the need to share some self-love realization. Growing up feeling on the fringe (in many ways) tends to leave you with the belief that you might not measure up. If I shared a couple of pictures from middle school you would understand. It was not until high school that I started to blossom. Yet even then I still felt that I wasn't good enough. It is not as if particular people were making me feel this way. Yes, I did experience some harsh words during awkward phases that left a bubble of insecurity that surrounded me.

Eartha is our vehicle for exploration.
This is where I found music. I had music (mostly gospel and some R&B) around me growing up, but when I started mixing styles as a means for self-expression and escapism did I really start to feel as if I had any value. There were years of trying to find myself and filling the male role that was left behind when my father died. It would take two decades for me to see that trying to find my confidence and worth in ANYONE else would not last. Though others might have witnessed confidence and security, I was still far from finding a way to feel good about myself.
This reflection shows only
a small part of my

Can you feel me? Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt that you were not measuring up? Have you told yourself (regardless of others telling you that you are intelligent, kind, and have a wonderful heart) that you lack worth? When looking in a magazine, watching a commercial, or gone to a party and not seen anyone that represents you? I know that I could ask many more questions along the same line. In today's society there is way too much value placed on how you look. If you do not have money on top of that....add that you are a minority....have a seriously chipped front tooth...an acne issue...glasses broken right in the middle and held together with tape....and that you are bookish??? This and so much more has the potential to make even the most propped up individual a basket case when they step out into society.
A pets love helps our
nurturing heart.

How do you battle against such things? Well, finding activities and experiences that add joy to your life. If you like to read...find your favorite book to cozy up to. If you like to be surrounded by nature...find a spot which enables you to partake in a safe way. If you like music...catch a show, download a cd, or find YOUR favorite station. Finding what makes you happy and not allowing others to dictate your life allows you to find YOUR path. What brings you joy with no harm to others are both ways to carve out a lifestyle.
Smiles brought about by having
fun with fashion.

Right now even with my health issues I am slowly but surely finding my bliss. I work on my music, getting out in nature, and writing this blog as a few of these things. They've brought me piece of mind and a heart with growing inner peace. Deciding that we should follow a path that strengthens our family unit (which seems to be embraced more and more families) has had a big impact on my piece of mind. This is what I wish for others who are feeling how I've felt in the past. Everyone deserves to feel loved, valued, and relevant. Hopefully through this blog I am enabling others to escape and reclaim what they need. I often find solace in what others share...especially when they are doing something that might be out of my grasp (hopefully not for long!) at the present time.
Comfortable in the skin you are in.
Growth of the heart, soul, and mind
being OUR  daily goal!

Stay with me on this journey. It is a course we've set sail on and look forward to the lesson this life has yet to teach me/us.

Til next time,



  1. Kat what a lovely story from your heart. I met you after your awkward stage. You were beautiful, confident and nice to everyone. I admired you for that. You were one of my few friends who liked me for who I was rather then who I hung out with. You saved me from a very lonely last few years of high school. Thank you and I love you❤️

    1. MIchi...you don't know how much your words mean to me! In high school I definitely still had major esteem issues (with comments that would be passed on to me that hit me like exploding bombs) even while being called 'The Black Madonna'. People tend to tkae their aim at those who they feel are lessor than. I know that for me you were (and still are) someone that brightens my day, makes me laugh out loud, and reminds me that we are all human. It brings me so much joy to have you back in my life. The fact that I feel as if no time has passed is a testament to our friendship.
      Love you much!

  2. I have to one more thing. The journey you and your family are going on is so wonderful, courageous and adventurous. I love watching you grow and your adventures. You have helped me make a decision to listen and follow my heart. I look forward to this next chapter of my life and yours.

    1. Thank you and YAY! I can't wait to hear ALL ABOUT WHERE YOU ARE HEADED! Let's catch up soon!