Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Don't Stop...!

Hello Luvs,

Today seems like a perfect poetry day, but before that I wanted to share some interesting numbers with you. I knew that we've been fluttering quite a bit. When you are living a nomadic lifestyle (going where the wind blows you in a way...) you can find yourself making quite a path. Josh shared the numbers and they are quite amazing!
SOMETHING is behind the clouds....

Time traveling- 26 weeks
States visited- 19
Countries- 3 (once we do our next 2 right now)

When your journey encompasses so much the world is your child's classroom. Embracing something new and different or discovering just what we hold in common. We've had the chance to witness both the good and bad of certain personalities and political views. Through it all (at least thus far) we have had the ability to move on and remove ourselves from the negativity. We have on more than one occasion extended our stay when a place made us over the top comfortable. The latter happened in Canada. Pretty sure that is why Jalen and Myles would love to go back.

My hope is that you continue to share this journey with me. Most people cannot do what we are doing now because of their lack of funds (which we know does not have to dictate it...we continually live on a budget) or the fear of the unknown. Whether you embrace my blogs and live vicariously through us, or you become inspired to take the leap and try it yourself...even for a bit I am here to share what I learn. Being a student for life means being willing to listen, learn, and embrace. Now, let's see what poetry spits out from me!
Let your light shine!

Don't Stop....

I won't tell you that it's easy
Becoming a different person on this journey
Never looking back beyond you 
All the crooked things still in view
For the nature of a humble soul
Remembering when you were still whole
I can't say that it's no longer the case
Bad memories had left a sad face
Then the smile that now resides
In a soul that brightly shines
Share the love that you now feel
With others still climbing their personal hill
You know the view that awaits up top
So encourage them NOT TO STOP....
                                                     ~Kat L. Wilson

Til next time,



  1. Your children will be so enriched by this experience. We spent some years traveling the world when our kids were young and they still talk fondly about their experiences 30 years later. Having lived in other states and other countries has given them (and us) a wider world view and left us all more willing to accept, learn from and interact with our fellow humans. Enjoy!

  2. Kathleen....thanks for sharing our experience. A few times it has proved difficult trying to work out the schooling thing. Might have to bite the bullet and pay for some online things. Wanting them to still receive a quality education while learning from direct experience was and still is our goal. To know that your children still talk about their experience warms my heart and will keep me going forward. Going back to the sideways way of living is no longer an option in our opinion.
    Appreciate you!