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Can't Get Enough of Great Art in Vegas? Pop Into Your Local Library!

This is titled 'Underwater'.
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Today promises to be a great one. More than likely we will hit the trails in Red Rock National Park. It will be the first hike for Pippie (our newest family member). If you missed the blog about her adoption just click below.

These are the dates that the collection
 will be up in the West Sahara Library....often
times they rotate them so if it is no longer
there you can check to see if they've been
transferred to another location.

Red Rock is our go to place that offers not only outstanding natural beauty but some challenging trails if we choose to do so. The drive is manageable (35-40 minutes from where we are now). I will be sure to share pictures of our visit.

The main focus of this blog is sharing just how I know Las Vegas has more to offer than what most would believe. Because our main address is in Nevada we tend to utilize the libraries for both homeschooling and free wi-fi. Not to mention that having a card for Clark County along with Henderson gives Jalen and Myles access to thousands of books. The only trick is making sure that if we are going to take off we return the necessary books and/or check them out again on their website while we are away.

This was the grouping that caught by eye
immediately from the hallway!

I cannot stress the value of a great library system. You can book a study room when there is a need for quiet and privacy. One of the libraries that we visited recently has different sizes (1-8) to accommodate your group if you have one. When home or roadschooling spending a few hours at a library does everyone good. I even use it to list items on ebay and....write my blogs.

One added feature that is consistent in each library here in Nevada is that each has a dedicated art installation area. It is not like a themed display or art sprinkled here or there. Most are filled with pieces that were submitted focusing on a particular style. They have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd submissions along with honorable mentions. We make sure to pop in and take a gander either before or after our time spent in leisure or for school.
Cubism at its best....title? 'Cubistic'

Do you see the face hidden within?
The installation that is now housed in the smaller of two rooms at the Sahara West features an artist who has an incredible history (including being singled out by the Soviets which found him coming to the U.S.). His name is Zinovy Shersher and boy does he have a talent that encompasses different mediums as a way of expression. Often with many unlike another. To learn more about him please pop on to his biography page. The link is below and offers his story more completely than I would.

Artist Bio:

Oh My....the fingers!
Throughout the blog I have placed a few of my favorites that we looked at last night. If and/or when you are in the Vegas area make sure to take in a few of the libraries. Go ahead and use wi-fi, read a favorite magazine or part of a book, and discover art that inspires the mind! There is nothing to lose because all of this is available to you for FREE!!!!
Got to rock my new faux suede shoes!

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