Sunday, December 18, 2016

By Your Side...!

Hello Luvs,

With the weekend flying by I thought I would take on a poem that focuses on self-worth/insecurities. It is something that I have been thinking a lot about recently. As I see the world fluttering by while on the road I look over and see my kiddos and how fast they are growing. Trials and self-image problems I had have reminded me about my job as a parent. No, they are not me...they are their own vibrant, brilliant, kind, compassionate, beautiful Human Beings
Embrace your inner beauty and
brighten the world with
'You Being YOU!'

With Jalen now a teenager who is blossoming right before my eyes it is important that I remind her (and others going through any sort of confidence crisis) of her value and potential. I am trying to be a role model in this regard. Right now this is not a major problem for her, (and hopefully not in the future) but continuing our strong line of communication will hopefully remain in the future. 

I know that there are young adults who need to know that we too (in one way or another) went through what they are now experiencing. When in school their problems are just as valid to them as our adult issues are to us. We should never make them feel as if they we do not relate or empathize. Might be some adults out there who did not go through these tough times and that is in itself a blessing. However, having compassion for those who have and/or are is a good character trait. Would you agree?
Find your passion and
'Aim for the stars!'

I have attached a lyric video for the song 'In The Middle' by Jimmy Eats World. The words speak to anyone who has gone through those tough times. It is what we do to address these problems that dictates whether or not these times become what they went through vs what they are going through.

Jimmy Eats World- 'In The Middle' (courtesy of Blah/YouTube)-

So, here it goes....let's see how it turns out. 

By Your Side....!

I know right now
You may fail to see
The younger version
Of what I used to be....
I see the choices
You feel helpless to make
Or the certain friends
Whose favor you wish to take...
The very ones that smile
Right now at you
Have their own trials and tribulations
They are going through....
It may seem that they alone
Are solely to blame
For the actions shown daily
Calling you out of your name....
You have to remember 
That you are loved
For your humor, compassion
And ability to trust....
You no longer 
Are able to see
The hopeful soul that remains 
In spite of everything...
Please take the time to share
Whatever is comfortable
You have to remember
That I will always be here....
These times seem hopeless
Continuing with no end
But trust me when I say
That you are your own best friend...
With the potential to say 'No!'
To those who would try 
Day after day with the goal
Of crushing your soul...
Their actions say more
About them
Because they're acting out
The insecurities laying within....
YOU are a shining star
In your Mother's eyes
Your cheerleader who is always
By your side....

and maybe....just maybe....YOUR passion will answer...!
It may be someone other than their Mother who helps them get through this. Someone needs to step up and guide them to be their best selves. Reminding them that what is happening right now DOES NOT have to define their future.

Til next time,


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