Monday, December 26, 2016

Where We Boondocked For 6 Days and 5 Nights!

Hello Luvs,

There is so much that I want to share with you about the last few days. We had been staying on BLM (Bureau of Land Management/Federally Owned) Land for several days. If you missed the blog just click the link below.

Acres and acres were our
playgrpund. Rain happened.....

The plan was to stay for three nights then check into an RV Park for a couple of days. Because we liked it so much we stayed for six days! This was definitely a first for us and we really learned our limits. 

Fist thing that we agreed on was that actual boondocking is wwwaaaayyyy different than urban boondocking. The feeling of peace that surrounds you is beyond words. Watching the sun rise then set is another plus. Also, it encourages us to simply open our door and explore. No need to drive...we simply pick a direction. I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone needing to recharge. Oh, and no wifi...did I mention that? More time for famly board games, reading, or working on music.

...then sunset! The striped things
are solar panels.
The one thing (ok...goin' ta actually mention a few!) that I was going a little bonkers about was the dish situation. Because I did not buy paper bowls we had to use the set from the cabinet.We were stretching our water, so I was doing dishes once a day. Because we did a few day trips I would make breakfast then we would jet. Well, the pans started adding up....especially when we were like....let's add another day (a little INSANE when I think of it now). I get creative with how I layer the pans (yes I layer-DO NOT JUDGE ME PEEPS!) in the convection oven which added even more pans. Oh, and I did not buy silverware to eat with. Yep, ya guessed it! Almost every utensil was used. First thing I did when we hooked up at the RV park, even before showering, was wash all those dishes, cups, utensils, pans, racks....ARGH! I just went back to that crazed mind obsessive moment from this morning.................Ok, I'm back.
I guess it doesn't look that bad when
organized and placed to the side?

Learning your tank(s) capacity of gallons is never the same as conserving what you have in the tank. I have never been one for using paper plates, bowls, etc. but reading a blog written by a fellow RV'er with hints for travel made me think again. She uses them sometimes more than once and then burns them in her camp fire. We are planning to try that starting tomorrow. 

We loved the last locale so much that we are going out for another stretch. Josh has picled out a different site that charges a small fee ($40 for the week) and you can dump, refill fresh water, and throw away trash. 

Below are the items that we will take along (hopefully some will be conserved because of the set up) with us that will hopefully help us conserve water, and that will hopefully allow my brain/obsessive mind from overloading. 

Come on...this is MUCH BETTAH!
All clean...!
-Paper plates, bowls, cups
-3 gallons of water (in one gallon containers) for washing dishes, drinking, bathing)
-biodegradable toilet paper 
-wipes for face and body (when wanting zero water use)
-baking soda ( 2 tablespoons in the bathroom sink w/ warmed water to do a head-to-toe body cleanse)

Mama made hummus! YUM!!!
I am sure that I have left something out. However, I will let you know how we fared soon. In the meantime check out the pictures from the last couple of days.

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  1. You have your own portable solar panels??? How cool!

    1. Hi Kathleen,
      We do! The previous owner was no going to include them in the sale, but when we went to go get here he included them and lots of other things. Needless to say...we were both surprised and grateful. When we boondock today we will set them up and use them for our power. With both of them it sets us up pretty nicely.