Saturday, December 24, 2016

When In Doubt Do You Still Believe?!?!

Hello Luvs,

I wanted to take a quick moment (I know...always sayin' that!) and reiterate just how much you should show appreciation for loved ones without being prompted. Corporate sponsored holidays often dictate when and how much you should do...and when not doing enough is frowned on. This might even happen with the person you rained presents on. Homemade presents are shown their place in one's heart by the genuine or disengenuous reaction given. Hopefully that person already knows how much you treasure them.

Full panoramic of photo posted to instagram @haveparasolwilltravel. Thought about editing out the smashed pumpkin, then I decided against doing so. I have a ten year old son for goodness sakes!
I have often written poems to celebrate a friend or family members birthday. With their burned edges and raffia string often keeping them rolled tight. Poetry has always been part of my equation toward happiness and expression. Most friends knew what was coming. They usually loved them (think they faked it?) and relished (too immodest?) receiving one. Birthdays I think of in a different light than the holidays that sometimes shun another's belief system. It is a day to celebrate that specific person being born and a part of your life. A celebration is completely warranted. However....when libraries, post offices, federal buildings, and various other places are closed two days before and one day after a solely Christian holiday it is (for me) a little off putting. This oftentimes does not happen for other religions. Is the Christian belief system the only one that matters. Of course folks who celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and other religious holidays throughout the year (many go by without a mention except on a calendar?) do so on their own. There is not a shut down for them. Anyone else have a problem with this? If not, you should really think about it. Am I delusional and insensitive? I try not to be one who overlooks or puts down another's belief. However, I think that almost everything has something redeeming about it. The same rings true with what other folks want to celebrate. In the end it is often the upperichilon of society and/or elected officials that give it a yay or nay.

There...I've said it! Now I'm going to try to pen something that kind of ties into my words above. It remains a chain of thought I have for my fellow Human Beings.
The beauty of whispy clouds NEVER
escapes me...!


When I take it all in
I realize that the same feelings
Still remain
When I let it out
Some may listen to me 
With Doubt
My true heart made for love even when
Weathered thin from the wind
Being blown about
Washed away then replanted
In another breathtaking place 
That we've landed
When I tell you my words are true
Does believing me still alarm the beliefs 
That you hold true
Holding each and every thought close to the heart
Even when everything around us 
Is falling apart
With the tattered edges of my sleeve
I reach for you and quietly say
"Please Believe."
Not words that have been burned into the mind
But the actions we try again and again
To hide....
Fearing being shunned then turned away
Hoping to be welcomed back again
One day
What if I said that you have Worth, Peace, and Contentment
Bursting from your seems
Not empty words....if you STILL BELIEVE.....
                                                                                 ~Kat L. Wilson
Last night's sunset. There are endless cloud shapes housed here.
What do you see?

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  1. Beautifull! And yes I get a little uncomfortable around the holidays with my family who are Christian and I am not. They can tend to force their beliefs on me and I don't. I respect everyone's choices and don't try to force feed their beliefs. I wish they would recognize my beliefs and realize I am not going to change unless I want. Have a wonderful rest of the year!!

    1. Michi,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience. Though it may never come you must do what works for you. Knowing firsthand just how kind, giving, and open your soul is anyone who is around you should easily read just how settled you are in your beliefs. I could tell stories about prayer circles (my family) going around. In the end you have to remain yourself. During family get-togethers it can be tough to hold your tongue or stay civil. The saving grace is being able to leave. Though it may be frowned upon it may be your only option to stay sane. Just know that you have my support!