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Zion National Park- Utah!

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Before I tell you about our trip to Zion National Park located in Utah I wanted to amend yesterdays blog 'We WILL Travel On!' 
The red road leading to Zion. 

There are folks out there who think that Trump being elected will not affect our daily lives. To anyone who wants OUR world to be habitable for future generations or OUR country turned into a thing of nightmares should check this out. It is his 100 day plan. Now that we have someone who falls in line with what Republicans have been trying to do for a long time...a lot of these are actually possible for him to do...simply with his signature.
Do you see what I see?

100 Day Plan-  

Now on to our field trip to Zion. We had visited before when Myles was around a year and a half. He was being carried in a holder even though he started walking several (at 7.5-8) months before. We chose to stay in a cabin located inside the park. It was surrounded by salmon colored towering mountains. We also got to see deer and wild turkeys up close. The kiddos were so beyond stoked to go to bed and wake up to those.
This long dead tree still climbs...

Now that we are residing in our tiny house on wheels (Eartha) we drove the Prius to the park. Considering the fact that it was a weekday we were pleasantly surprised to see so many people there. They varied in age and included visitors from other countries.
This is an example of the change in
colors and majesty that surrounded us.

While in the gift shop Josh had a bit of a dialog with some young men (with at least one of them born outside the U.S.). Since I was not there I will pass on what he told me. There was a couple there with Trump shirts on. The young men high fived them and spoke about how happy they were that he was elected (finally a man who has balls-REALLY!). To this Josh asked them if the found it ironic that they were in a National Park celebrating a man who wants to mine them. He named a climate change denier as head of the E.P.A., and thinks that earning money from these parks is the thing to do. To that they responded that they were not sure but still happy he won. He then asked them again if that made sense. They really had no answer. My statement to that would be....                                          
Entrance to one of the two tunnels
we drove through.

As young men who have yet to father children you are taking part in the beauty and grandeur of Zion. That is a great thing, but I ask you what will happen when the person you are celebrating goes to defund the E.P.A. When National Parks are strictly for profit and a hazard and are no longer visited by families. What will they tell their children was the reason why his election was such a good thing when he SAID/WROTE that he would do it. 

I would then ask them this...

How comfortable would you be if your little sister was the one he was accused of raping? How big were his balls twhere he felt comfortable grabbing your mother, sister, wife, aunt, or cousin in the crotch? Would you think of him as a great man? Or would you think that he is the criminal and sexual predator that he is?
The stream alongside the Visitor's Center.

When Josh told me this I was glad he called them out. He was not insulting in a way that went after them personally. He simply pointed out that they voted against their own self interests. I know that there will be people in the future who will realize their bad choice....when it is too late.

Now back to this CRAZY beautiful place. If you have yet to visit I highly recommend it. When you leave the freeway and are half way there the roads are a deep red. Getting closer you find yourself in awe of the beauty that water has carved through these glorious rocks. There are trees that stand out against the tan, brown, salmon, and orange of the mountain while the trees turning yellow add a second layer of beauty to make sure your eyes are not tricking you.
When you are hungry just pick a spot!

They have many turnouts throughout the Park with two different entrances. At one of these stops we noticed some visitors taking pictures of big horned sheep. We saw different sheep later in our drive. Being able to stop and walk down the rocks is in itself a meditative experience. Just looking up, down, around, and below brings you back to the moment over and over. Because of this beauty you do not realize all the walking, climbing, and descending you are doing. 

I brought along a lunch for all of us which consisted of subs (with each one filled with preferred ingredients), pickles, apples, bananas, clementines, and chips. We stopped at a larger turnout not far from the lower ranger's station and parked in the shade to enjoy our goodies. At the main entrance they have a campground (of which they have a few) with tons of picnic tables. If you decide to visit you can pop a squat there or at a pull off. You can remain in you car or sit on a rock down the side. All offer up a splendid view you will not soon forget. Just remember to take your trash with you if there is not a bin near you.

Just think of the small living
being that will lose it's habitat
if this area is mined.
So, how do I rate Z.N.P.?

Rated 1-5 (with 1 being the lowest)

Convenience- 4.9 It was about an hour from our Airbnb.
Cost- We used a National Park pass. If you have a 4th grader you should reach out to the National Park Service. They will mail you one.
Driving Trail- 5 No one was driving too fast and there were many turnouts along with two tunnels (one with an opening that let you see what you are driving through). You cannot stop in the tunnel and if a larger vehicle is coming through the rangers adjust to a single lane for safety. They return to two lanes once that vehicle has passed. We liked that additional safety measure.
Staff- 3.5 The ranger who checked our card when we entered was wonderful, however the person in the gift shop was not. There was only one person there, so it took a long time of you had a question (without even acknowledging you).
Trail- 4.5 There were both marked and non-marked trails. It depends on your comfort. Just make sure that you look for signs of a shoe with a line through it. That is to let you know that there is no walking in that area for the protection of the plants housed there.
Accessibility (handicapped and little ones)- 3 Visitors in wheel chairs will only find a few very short areas to travel on (at least from what we saw). Little ones can manage most with a hand held. There is even a stream that runs along the back of the main station/gift shop.

With the energy from this Earth I Shine!

I hope this helps you decide whether or not to visit this glorious park. If you want to take advantage of the restaurant and waking up to wildlife (in addition to a ranger led demonstration in the lodge and restaurant upstairs) staying in the lodge or a cabin would be a good choice.

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