Sunday, November 6, 2016

When Your Airbnb Stands Out!

Hello Luvs,
One of the first things we fell in love with.

Hello....bottle capped snake atop
vintage radio!
I have not blogged for a couple of days because we've had our hands full with how to dial in our RV. YEP!!!!! We finally found and purchased our RV (Eartha). We had to take a roadtrip to the Palm Springs area (La Quinta/Coachella to be exact) to see an RV that I noticed a while back on Craigslist. We did not end up buying that one, however we did learn exactly what we wanted and how much we were willing to pay. With every step there has been a lesson learned.                                                               

Spears and various wooden statues.
The smaller ones
appeared African.
While we visited several RVs we stayed at an Airbnb that stands tall in the weeds of Airbnbs we have stayed in. There have been some wonderful ones, however the decor then location made it easy to rate this one at the top of the list. The host is an interior designer. That probably helped with picking out items. I say probably because going to school for design does not mean you know how to put together a room/house for yourself. Does that sound weird? Well...kinda, but I have known stylists who look as if they dressed themselves in the dark and/or just rolled out of bed, grabbed a cup of coffee or tea, then drove to meet you. I no longer take skill as a given.

This Airbnb had pieces the were magnificent because of their color, history, comfort, ethnicity, and warmth. From the moment we walked into the casita we were at home. It is a two bedroom one bathroom that most would ooh and ahh over. I have placed pictures throughout the blog so you can see a few of the items we loved.
Bistro set...had my morning coffee here.

It was not perfect. The kitchen was a bit small and made it difficult for me to prepare meals. It was also missing key cooking pans. The dishwasher would not open all the way, and you had to go outside the gate and around into the garage to do laundry. Still....given all that I would still rate it the highest. Why? Both beds were extremely comfortable, the fridge was a great size, the stove worked well, there were hiking trails literally five or less minutes (walking away). Also, the casita was located close to Aldi, Trader Joes, and In n Out Burger (actually in the same lot!). My goodness....nearly lost my mind when I drove in and saw that. 
There were various rugs
and tapestries on the walls.
Coffee table top opened up for storage.
When picking an Airbnb there are many things to keep in mind, but most of all you should make sure the amenities are what is in the listing once you arrive. Be courteous to the host and try and resolve issues between you before reaching out to Airbnb. Leave a rating as soon and you can. Two of the most important are.....treat the place as if it were your own by being respectful of neighbors and leaving it as tidy as possible (by that I do not mean clean it spic and span, vacuum, etc. unless worded in the listing to avoid a cleaning fee) including not leaving trash all over the place and perishables in the fridge.

There was a Mexican painted
sink and more of the glorious
tiled floor

Isn't this divine! There were two...
If you ever have any questions regarding somewhere we fluttered please make sure to reach out. Part of the reason we have been doing this is to get to know different locales like locals. Let my experience be your guide. Because we have the RV we will not be booking Airbnbs as often. If you are considering hosting (additional source of revenue) I would love to partner up being a resource to help get the most from your property. You can find out what needs improvement, is already stellar, and guest expectations BEFORE receiving a negative review. We can help with that. Simply email me @ or let me know of your interest in the comment section below,
and I can reach out to you!                                                       
Small touches....big impact...

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Many wooden statement pieces.

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