Saturday, November 19, 2016

Email That Validated Our Need to Move!

What awaited....still beautiful though 140 ft. drop in level.
They actually had to relocate the marina!
Hello Luvs,

Today I find myself coming back to the state I see the U.S. heading. There have been some interactions and situations that have shown me in uncertain terms that the fear we had of a trump victory was justified. Not only the fear, but the belief that there was going to be a shift in the climate in which our family would be affected. Over the last week there have been at least three different events that bring home the point that everything we believed was well founded. 
Josh had her now...but before that I had to pick
Goldie up...she was like, "I am not going
to move one more step!" That was till
she got to Daddy....!

When we removed our children from their schools in North Carolina we opted out of the email chain. We received a few after, but they had stopped about three weeks after the school year started. Well. last week we received an email from the principal of Jalen's school that was at the very least unsettling. When we removed her from the school there had been a few times where I had to address something that happened. Whether it was involving Jalen or another student it did not sit well with me and I took action. The takeaway for Josh and me was that if you are a certain member of society (color/race) your children are held to a different standard. If you were a minority (especially African-American) you were more likely to receive swifter and more harsh consequences. The incident with Jalen was never resolved to our satisfaction and we lost faith that the right thing would be done for our child. Nevermind the fact that I was an active member of the community. We were left to wonder what happened to the students whose parent(s) had no time (or interest) in interceding on their behalf.                         
Almost to the water...happy doggies!

Pippie wasn't too sure about the water,
but Goldie walked right in.

The communication below shined a light on the fact that we had reason to worry. We were not a 'poor me' family who thought everyone was out to get us. We are and were rational and optimistic. The result of our hesitation was an administration that tried to cover their backends and connections...often to the detriment of children of color. Please read the excerpt below.

So, where did the sentiment and belief system of these student's originate? Well, of course we know that it is from the people (parents, grandparents, and their social circle). Have they always believed what they now said out loud  to their fellow students? My answer would lean toward yes. However, now they have an orange hued bigot as their president-elect who has given them the platform to share their true feelings.
Already like sisters!

When people say that affirmative action should go away you now know why it cannot. The foundation of this country is a truth that not all of us are as advanced as others believe we are. Being the optimistic person that I am it chills me to my core. 

Over the last week I have seen one person after the other aim their hateful glances toward me and Josh. When either of us arrives first somewhere and the other comes in later I can feel the hatred as if it is a wall that aims to block my soul. It is as if they want to say something like asking how I dare be in their community and have a mixed race marriage....let alone children! 
Just Pippie...and..her...shadow-
walking back from the lake!

When Myles wanted to buy a water gun that was black and to me too realistic looking I had to put my foot down. The typical water gun that is orange and green does not bring out a deep fear in me. Myles did not understand my reasoning until I laid it out. The truth was/is the fact that if he left it in the back seat and I was stopped for a traffic violation (which I haven't had in decades) being a Black woman with a black toy gun in the back seat could give a police officer fear that I was a threat and thus end my life. A few years ago I would not have believed this. My fear is not irrational because it is in fact the reality for so many African-American citizens in this country. To watch as a tennis player (who is actually light skinned) was tackled to the ground in front of a hotel because 'he looked like their suspect'. The wrong place at the right time can mean a beat down, arrest, death, and/or all of the above. A painful tackle is what he received. What happens when you aren't famous or light-skinned. Pretty sure you know the answer.
Couldn't decide if it was more like a
Van Gogh vision of clouds....

That is the reason why half the country scares me and solidifies our need to get away from here. To be in a place where I am not a prisoner of this type of fear. My life right now is working it's way toward manifesting our dream existence. However, we still have to get there....and to get there we will more than likely have to pass through a place where bigotry reigns. Some residents now feel as if the Presidential election has given them permission to ACT ON THEIR HATRED. If that does make you scared for dear should!
...or cotton clouds stretched to their limit.

How do you feel about the results? Have you had first-hand experience with someone who feels pleased that they no longer need to be politically correct? Is it better to know your enemies and no longer have to look in closets for them? I would love to hear from you. Also, please share this blog if it resonated with you in any way.

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Until next time....enjoy pictures from our walk to the lake this morning along with beautiful clouds that graced our sky.



  1. Kat, It hurts me to realize how much we lost in this last election. We have lost reason, kindness and civility and are left with a horrible, bigoted, racist blowhard as president. That said it's no surprise that many people feel safe spewing hateful and horrible things. I feel like we have lost decades of progress in one day. I am still stunned and saddened by it all.

  2. Hi Kathleen,
    Thank you for you comment and sharing your view regarding it. I share your sentiments and it makes both my heart hurt and my stomach turn to even see or hear anything regarding him. The one thing that stands out to me about all of this is....I now believe that people were being politically correct and not sharing their views publicly. They may have voiced it behind closed doors and/or among family and friends. With someone like him openly saying things that bring about memories for people who lived and fought for civil and women's rights winning because of the electoral college. He is someone who represents the worst of mankind and is proud of it.
    I want to go to all of my relatives and give them a hug and say be careful. They spoke of the culture which causes people to grab their bag or cross the street. They spoke of being followed around stores, being hassled constantly by policemen, and not being considered for a job...because of the color of their skin.
    My naive side always thought it was a minority of people who felt that way, or in certain locales. The student I am has been shown that it is not a minority and this plague is found everywhere.