Thursday, November 17, 2016

Time To Share Our Happy News with You?

Hello Luvs,

If you read my last blog then you know that I mentioned that something magical happened while we were in Mesquite. Well, we told the kiddos that we would get another dog when we found our RV. Of course we were reminded about it EVERY SINGLE DAY! We decided while in the area we would check out the local shelters. In the end we found the family member of our dreams. But before I introduce you I thought that I would walk you through I decision, experience, and how we got there.

Even before we bought Eartha we noticed that RV drivers had either a couple of cats or a couple of dogs. The kids had been asking for another pet for some time now. That is when we agreed to get one once we found the RV and were settled in. Last week while looking at the websites for the local shelter we came across a chihuahua mix named Mindy. Josh reached out on a Thursday evening to see if we could schedule a time to see her. The woman instructed us to come to their event on Saturday. We were asked to fill out the paperwork online beforehand which Josh did. It was a little odd for it to be pushed off in regard to meeting her. Just me?  Read on to find out why it seemed odd.

On Saturday we arrived at the location of the adoption event at about ten minutes before it started. There were already people there so we went in. The first volunteer introduced us to Mindy, but made sure to tell us that another family (they reached out after we did!) was coming and if they were interested someone would come to both homes and decide which one would be able to adopt her. What? Shouldn't they allow the first family who wanted her go through the process and then if it didn't work out contact the next family? It made it a competition that to us depended on another's perception. Would they decide that an anchored home is ALWAYS better than an RV that houses a loving family? More than likely that was the type of home she was rescued from! Who decides which will love her more? At first we were upset, but what happened next made us glad that we were put off.

At first Mindy was distracted because the woman who had been fostering her had treats in her fanny pack (those words have always cracked me up!). Throughout our time with her she would only make contact with her though she did chop down the treats from the kids. I say that because it was much more like an aggressive chomp. Not surprised since many of the dogs in shelters were abused and/or neglected. She might have had to fight for her food or it was sporadic in coming. Either way, we did not blame her.

We asked to take her for a short walk along with Goldie and they obliged. After about a minute she wanted to return to the building. The volunteer told us that yes, she is a food hound and that she is driven by that. We worried that there would be a replay of what happened when we adopted a miniature greyhound. She was ok for the first few days. However, we walked out to find her pinning Goldie to the ground on her back and nipping at her face. She was also a food hound. It was such a scary thing that we believe that it permanently affected Goldie. Unfortunately we had to take her back. It was a no kill shelter which made us feel a little better though we were still very sad. We would NEVER do that to Goldie again. She will be thirteen in a few months and deserves to live peacefully.

The reason why we decided not to adopt her in the end was because of two things. First was that Goldie was growling at her. It was her way of saying that Mindy might be trouble. Once again, we do not blame Mindy for her actions. What made us walk away was when she tried to bit Josh. Josh is 6'3 but he is as gentle as they come with animals. He got down to her level and let her come to him. He had pet her before but on the third round she went at him. Both together made it a no go.

Once we told them one of the volunteers showed us a few dogs that were up for adoption at the Mesquite shelter. We decided to check it out. When we did we met Brandy (renamed her Pippie). She is a chihuahua/terrier mix. She has the same coloring as Goldie but simply short haired. Her snout looks more like a terrier, and she has brown eyelashes instead of white. We absolutely fell in love with her then and there! She is almost two which took her out of puppy age which is perfect for us. We paid the fee to have her surgery and went to the vet on the following Monday and paid for the chip tracker. The shelter told us that she is a runner (will take off and not come when called) but she has been by our side lovingly. Down the line that might change, so training is an immediate need. We picked her up yesterday afternoon and brought her home. She has fit in like a glove, and we feel so lucky to add her to our family which is now six!

Without further ado...her is Pippie!!!!
She calms it when we stroke her head.

The tongue thing was an adorable
after surgery longer happening.

Today is all about the harness
and bone!!!

She loved the feel of this flannel
last night.    

Til next time,



  1. Congrats on your newest member of the family! She is adorable!

    1. Thanks Kathleen...she is such a cutie! The way she looks you right in the eyes when expressing how she feels is what makes her so precious. You will be seeing lots of pictures of her in the future. As always...I appreciate you!