Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sun Resorts RV Park done...onto the next!

Hello Luvs,
Both Myles and Goldie are at home
on Eartha!

Another day another city. We are now away from Mesquite and on to another adventure. The RV Park has it's pluses which included location (shopped like Europeans-and picked up items daily) and large shower rooms, but we believe that the minuses won out. A few things I took away from the experience are below. You might find that they would not be issues for you and can be overcome. However, depending on the particular park you might find some resistance. Hearing about our hiccups could mean less for you. On the other hand you might have some wisdom to share with me. Interested? If so, keep readin'!
First meal cooked a few days ago...will
still need fine tuning.

When making the reservation Josh was very clear that we were newbies to RVing and would need help setting up things (water, septic, electric, etc.). We had been shown where various systems were from the previous owner, and he quickly explained how they worked. Unfortunately, it was a daunting bundle of information from him and a lot to take in and keep in. We knew that we would have a learning curve. The women (3 different ones) Josh spoke with each said that someone would be there to help us and that the process was very simple....Yeah....right! 
This recipe had ground turkey seasoned to
perfection along with some spicy seasoning.

What did not go as planned? Well, the gentlemen was there alright. We followed him to the spot they had selected for us and pulled in. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt because our RV is not one you see everyday. They only made 13,000 and only 9,000 are still on the road (if not in someone's yard gathering spiderwebs and dust). He did not mentioned quite a few things. The major one being the lever that allows your sewage to drain. When it started to back up after Jalen's shower I went out and there was only a trickle coming out....that did not seem right since I had
Boy were they tasty!
washed dishes also. Luckily we had literature from the seller that we read line by line by line and found the lever listed along with where it should be. It was several pages back and in the biggest paragraph I have ever seen. It was hard to find....but boy were we glad we did! Oh, and the gentleman listed the few things we needed to hook up (which we did not know about/ like an attachment for the stinky slinky and 25 foot water hose). 
The office person/handyman that helped was rude basically saying that we were on our own when Josh returned with what we needed. He was done helping, and so we worked as a team and figured it out. Some might say that doing that would have been better from the beginning, but because you can make some pretty big mistakes when first owning an RV we wanted to hopefully avoid them. However, when having someone who has owned RVs and helped run an RV park steers you wrong you start to second guess asking for help.
Enjoyed this setting while waiting for
the restroom/shower to be available.

Two things struck us immediately about our experience. The first was that they picked a spot sandwiched/surrounded by three RVs. All of which came together just enough to interfere with our wifi signal. During the entire time I was not able to use wifi while at the park. Yes, RV parks are known for having bad reception, but for one that was not full to capacity (on many days 1/3 full) I find it hard to fathom why. They had four towers for a rather small area. The one that worked the best was located in the stinky dog run area. The lesson learned from this is to not just take the spot assigned. I witnessed as several other guests walked the park and picked their two favorites. I knew this because I was in the freakin' clubhouse trying to get a signal. Once they met us and saw Eartha in person they changed their tune and wanted us to stay longer. They were a bit pushy about that up until the very end. Staying in a place that makes it hard for both Josh and I to do our thing (along with the kiddos and school) was not an option.      
Me, Janis, my dino adorned chromebook, and laundry....YAY!
How would i rate S.R.R.P.?

Rated 1-5 (with 1 being the lowest)

Convenience- 5 We were located in a spot that had a store and gas station next door. It was a one minute drive to the freeway. It was also an easy drive from our last location and for our next stop.
Cost- 2 We paid a lot for our stay and were treated like second class citizens. Our location was terrible and did not need to be that way since there were many open spots that were available during the week.
Staff- 2 The employee that kind of helped us hook up was rude to both Josh and our kiddos when it was not necessary. The office people were nice enough, but the hoops we had to jump through were many. In addition to that was made difficult because each employee told us something different.
Accessibility (handicapped and little ones)- 4.6 The Park had ramps and seats in the shower room for handicapped patrons. There was also a ramp for the side gate which allowed you to access the grocery store. The only reason why it is not a 5 is because the latch for the trash was up kind of high and adults in wheelchairs probably have an issue reaching it.                       

Staying at a park where employees and/or patrons who rub you the wrong way does not have to stay that way. There might the option of leaving early. If that is not feasible then spending most of your time away from the park is better for your piece of mind. Now, switching to another spot is a great option if your set-up is turnkey and/or your stay will be on the long side. You will simply have the issue of unhooking and reattaching. It all depends on what your comfort zone is. Libraries, museums, and areas to take in the landscape are some of our favorite activities. If you really like spending time at the first, then wifi and quiet are both easily attained.....and the cost is....ya guessed it! FREE!!! We booked a week to allow us time to get to know Eartha. What it has turned out to be is something magical. Not the RV park, but something we had not expected. I will share the happy news either tomorrow or Thursday. Also, if the new RV park has decent wifi I will tape and share my video tour of Eartha with you.

So, don't forget to come back and check in!

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