Wednesday, November 2, 2016

RV Status and Pictures/Video from Grover Beach, California!

Hello Luvs,

Hope all is well. Today's blog is about the success (FINALLY) we had in regard to finding our Tiny Home on Wheels. The journey has been a winding roller coaster of a ride. We changed our minds several times while searching  because of additional information we learned about various types. For a short time we gave up on finding a vintage one because we thought we were either priced out or that the actual RV would cause us problems. 
May safe travels be in abundance!

Mile long shadow legs!
I am not going to list all the different types because I do not want to spoil your search. Knowing that the same manufacturer makes the items held within (cabinets, walls, hardware, etc.) the RVs we soon began to realize that quality was sacrificed. In order for them to meet particular regulations they use flimsy materials (maybe the six figure ones are better made?). Just knocking on some of the walls and moving hardware made it apparent that we were not in the right place. We went to look at a Thor that happened to be off the lot when we visited. It was being service because of a malfunction. It was two weeks after going that the salesman emailed and said it would be there soon.....then another four days before it actually was. We are overjoyed that it was not there. It was at the top of our budget and would have ended up being a nightmare.

That's a whollatta pelicans!!!!!
So. we were back to the drawing board. We found a few Airstreams (35' 345s) located far away, but we definitely had our favorite.  We were the first and only one to call it seemed during the entire we thought! Josh spoke to the owner several times and we were to have it shipped to us. We put out feelers regarding shipping cost on a site that allows different companies to offer their bid. Well, it was crazy expensive, so we were going to drive there when our Airbnb stay was over. On the last day of our stay Josh left a message for the owner letting him know about our date of arrival. He called back and left a message saying that he sold it to someone else! Not only did it sell it from under us, but he didn't even bother to reach out to us since we were the first. He included in his message that the person was going to pay list price. First did he know that we were not going to do that once we had it inspected? We had planned to drive to Kentucky from Nevada (not a short trip to undertake with two kids and a dog).....and he knew that! The buyer snapped it up sight unseen.
Descending to beauty....
ascension crazy leg workout!
Jalen capturing the beautiful view.

Depending on your approach to life you might think that he did what he had to do. Speaking for Josh and myself, the first person who reaches out to us when selling something is always first in line. If they were slow to purchase we would let them know of another's interest and go from there (with them still at the head of the line). We feel that is 'just us doing the right thing'. Do you agree?

Oh, and I should add that when the owner bought it originally he was TOLD that everything worked. He found out shortly after he paid that only half of the things did not. That was something we did not know until yesterday when the owner called Josh. From the conversation it became apparent that the owner was feeling bad about selling it from under us. At least we hope so. Whether or not things work for the buyer who is flying in to pick it up then driving it home we'll never know. Josh was very cordial to the seller even though he did the wrong thing. Being angry about something that might have gone sideways shows us that the RV was not meant to be ours.
View in motion! If unable to play video just click link below.

Now onto the good news! Throughout our search we had been coming across GMC Coachmen RVs. They were only made from 1963-1968. They're similar in shape to the Airstreams we were considering buying. However, because of their size and solid design the 26' drives more like a van. The search for one has been going on for about a week. It's funny, but I came across one that we ended up driving two days ago months before. The RV had some issues, but we were going to to be paying less than the Airstream. Because the owner was holding a hard line in regard to price given the fact that a couple of issues would have to be addressed we decided to look around for others. We found about eight that were within a four hour drive. We did not hear back from a few, but the ones we did we went to see. The first three (yes...we looked at several yesterday!) needed work either inside or outside but the prices were awesome. The last one was about 40% more than the others. The description in it's listing caused us to examine what we were willing to do and whether or not we would find ourselves in a nightmare situation. We called the seller and went to see it.
Hubster...provider of light, love,
and support.

So glad we did! They took care of this 1977 Eleganza II like it was their child. Stepping inside was a dream and we were all immediately comfortable. They made some adjustments for comfort without changing the original components. I cannot do justice to how pristine it is. We played it cool, but inside we were screaming! We told them that we would discuss it between ourselves and call back. While grabbing dinner Josh stayed in the car and called him. First they discussed the price. He came back with a counter offer then we countered his. Once the agreed price was met Josh went and gave him a check (though most before them only wanted only cash....who travels around with 10,000+ in cash?). Since we are here for a few days it gives the check time to clear. 

YAY! We are sooooo ready for this. Because of the smart things they did we have tons of storage inside the RV. I am going to start vlogging (adding periscope later) about it and uploading to youtube: so make sure you subscribe! 

Below is a picture of the model we purchased.....let the adventures begin!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and video from our quick stop in Grover Beach!
Of course we will name ours!

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  1. Congratulations and wishing you many happy miles as RV road warriors!

    1. Thanks Kathleen...we pick it up on Friday. The whole family was ready to have our own space. We will Airbnb in the future, but sleeping in your own bed is underrated.
      As always....thank you for your support and comment!