Friday, November 4, 2016

Joshua Tree....How Lovely and Serene!

The beauty that greeted us!
Hello Luvs,

The last couple of days we have driven to Joshua Tree National Park. Yesterday we went in by the farthest entrance (1.5 hours from the Airbnb) and today we went in through the southern end (30 minutes from Airbnb). Both days found us climbing rocks (in the designated areas) and finding ourselves in awe when viewing the expansive terrain and dreamy sunsets.
Tiny cactus on a HUGE rock!

Yes...I see you.

If you are at all familiar with the joshua tree cactus (a yucca) you know that most of the time they are small to medium in height. In the J.T.N.P. you are treated to many that reach 10-14 feet easily, but the tallest recorded at the park is 40 ft. (tallest anywhere was 80 ft). There were some with long sinular shoots that seemed to fall over once they reached a certain height. 

When we entered through the northern entrance we immediately noticed what seemed like a forest on both sides. They were as far as the eye could see. From the other entrance however we only saw shrubs and bushy cacti for the first 45 minutes. The northern entrance is definitely more scenic. That was how I saw it. You might dig the fact that without the joshua trees in your line of sight enables you to see the mountains located east and west more easily. Oh, and the center has some funny exhibits located in a sparse room to the left of the door. The content uses clever wording to describe people who climb, hike, drive, camp, are dog owners, or carry their little ones in backpack style carriers while in the park. 

Myles says Hello!
Crazy cool seeing this there....
During our visit we hiked a bit and climbed the rocks where we could. Noticed lots of people walking in spots that were not designated for use. Makes us sad because we need to make sure that the park continues to thrive. Disturbing the area/habitat can mess with the ecosystem. There are plenty of places to explore. So if you visit please remember that. We know predators are a plenty because of the carcass left behind at the top of a rock. All I saw was a leg covered in fur hanging off the edge for me to be out of there. The kiddos however were curious and took pictures. They made sure not to disturb it. From the looks of it the one eating was only half way done. Pretty sure they would be back.
This is MY rock...!

The kiddos and I taking it all in.

How did I rate the J.T.N.P.?

Rated 1-5 (with 1 being the lowest)

Convenience- 4.8 We usually look for a place that is under two hours from our Airbnb, so this fit the bill. 

Cost- The price varies by whether you have a car or RV and whether camping or not. It is $20 per car. Making the most of your time there will leave you feeling as if you got your monies worth. Take toy time and EXPLORE!
Driving Trail- 4 The drive through the park found us pulling over to avoid cars on our butt. Many were speeding and we did not see any rangers during the visit.
Staff- 3.5 The staff greeted us but did not offer the pass set up they indicated by phone when speaking with Josh.
Trail- 4 They were not really marked well. It appeared as if the park has a relaxed approach which I like, however their method of signage is a little blurry.
Accessibility (handicapped and little ones)- 3.5 Visitors in wheel chairs will only find a few (at least from what we saw) stops to really explore. In regard to little ones...there are smaller rocks for them to explore with ease.

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Alone in beauty....
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