Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Home-Schooling Tips/Information From Me to You! What I Have Learned So Far.

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The blog today is for those who are thinking about either home or roadschooling (or have faced challenges while doing so thus far). I am going to share our tricks used to ensure that we can function while in a new city, or when we have decided to prolong a stay.

Pippie says, "Good Morning!"
One thing we always do is research the area before arriving. If you do this you will know what options are available to you and when to schedule certain subjects. Of course most subjects can be done outside at any time. But what happens when you need to go online? Our go to places have been a lifesaver. We have found that Lowes (during business hours in the parking lot) can be a strong option. Libraries and Starbucks are a given (actually doing this from one now). 

RV Parks are most often NOT an option. Having a wifi booster is a recommended (by other RVers) as a possible solution. I will let you know what change that has once we pick one up. We have found the signal particularly week and unusable. The last one only allowed for one user at a time. That made it difficult to accomplish subjects in a smooth way. Because Jalen and Myles move at their own pace using their individual device is preferable. Of course we could allow for it taking twice the time, but who wants to do that when there is so much to explore outside.
Goldie and Pippie Illuminated...

Another thing I have done is cater the subjects to where we will be located. This makes the work more in depth and relatable. Learning about the geography, history, economics, native plants and animals (among other things) allows differences and similarities to become more clear. The kids get to see if there have been environmental impacts that have occurred from public maintenance or misuse. They also get to see what animals each ares has in common, or if there is a species that is specific to just one area. When a question arrives regarding a subject (person, place, and/or thing) I include it in the schoolwork for the week.

The only thing I have battled is when I find free lessons on a subject and it is not challenging enough. Trying to find a math site that stretches Jalen's knowledge is an ongoing thing. Most likely we will have to break down and pay a fee.  However, I have found that Jalen and Myles have different approaches for processing material. I can see the difference in organization of material and the different facts that jump out to them. There have been occasions when it is similar, but those are not as often. Below are a few sites we use which offer free information/subject matter. I subscribed to their emails which allows me to pick and choose which subjects or material will fit with the subject covered on each particular day.
This lovely piece of art is located at the
Henderson Library.

Language: Duolingo-

Science/Geography/History/Culture/Health Science (and MANY more!):

Hands On Science: Aurora Lipper-

Math: (other subjects also)

*Spelling should be catered to the students ability. For example, Jalen is covering words needed to graduate from high school. If you have questions regarding additional subjects please reach out by commenting below.

If your children (like mine) are big on technology doing most of their schoolwork on their computer/chromebook fits the ticket. Jalen is currently learning French and Spanish while Myles is concentrating on Spanish. So each day they start off with that, then I email them with their schedule. For writing and original composition I have them email me with their work via google doc. This way I can read over the completed work, offer corrections, and most of all make sure they are acutally processing the material.
I loved the tree and sunbeams in this section.

There is still more fine tuning needed. If I find a site that seems to run smoother, offers more challenges, and/or is free I will share via this blog.

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