Friday, November 18, 2016

The Thought of You.....Poetry on Friday!

Hello Luvs,

The weekend is upon us and we are looking forward to exploring the lake area Eartha is located. With everything we need to do to get ready for Canada the week has flown by. So what are you up to? Has the weather already turned cold and left you yearning for tea, hot chocolate, or a hot tottie? Any way you approach it the weekend is yours, and I hope that you get as much rest or fun as you need.

While driving to the library a sentence kept coming to me and I thought that I would build a poem from it. Hopefully the thoughts will flow out and come together. Let's see what happens...

It is not just the thought of you
The way you glow with passion
Always there to listen
Oh you shine.
That sings
It is not just the way you hold my head
Times when it weighs heavy
The load is lightened
By strength
It is not just the words I write
That remind me that you are you
Too good to be true
Like lightning
It is the way that you recognize my needs
When I dream the unseen
Big thoughts imagined
Then cheered
It is you being them
Then multiplied again
Growing in numbers with no end
You glistening....
                               ~Kat L. Wilson

Hope you liked it!

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Til next time,


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