Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Treasure Found......!

Hello Luvs,

Today on Instagram ( I shared one of the treasures I scored at a local thrift store. If you have yet to follow me you should really get on that! 😸 It is a shirt/sweatshirt from the clothing line UIDEAZONE. More about them later in the post.
All the colors!

You may have heard of and/or been to one before. The thrift store is Savers. I first discovered them through a friend/bandmate while living in Orange County. They one we visited in Quebec City was called Village des Valeurs. You don't know how happy I was to find one several close to where we are now. When I go to a thrift store I usually find something unique. Not sure if it's because I look for an item that others overlook, or that they just put it out. Depending on the day it could be either. There are occasions when I find way too many overpriced items. When the item is from Target, Walmart, Old Navy, or Kohl's it should not be vey expensive in a thrift store. In the end....if someone is wilingl to pay that amount then good for the store. On the flip side....they will price something I know has significant value (at least to me) very low. Being a treasure hunter is in my DNA. I go to town trying to find things that are just right. I want to find clothing and accessories that make me feel good and express my playful side. So, what do you do when you don't have a budget to go crazy (for me, most of the time!).                                               
I dig cool socks! Do you?

Well, right now when you bring in a bag of donations you receive a card punched for 5% off of your purchase. Bring in three bags than it's 15%. Bring in six then it's 30%. Every time I go I bring at least one bag of donations (clothing, accessories, household items, etc.) and have a card (currently green) that was previoulsy provided by them hole punched. Once the card reaches 30% off I start another. They also give you a red card that is marked for every $5.00 you spend. They even give you multiple cards when warranted. How can you beat that? If you donate items regularly or like to go thrifting semi-regularly take advantage of these discounts. Don't even get me started on the sales they hold during certain days of the week!!!

Paired with leggings
it was an easy outfit to
put together.
Now, about UIDEAZONE...they are trademarked in the United States but offer their goods in Asian sizing which is 1-2 sizes smaller than in the U.S. Their clothing features men's, women's, and unisex options.  Some offer both funny and colorful designs. Not sure if my shirt is for men or is unisex. Either way....I HAD TO HAVE IT! They is a certain way in which they produce the items that leave the product with colors that resist fading or cracking. When looking them up I found that they are not an expensive label (which shouldn't really affect whether or not you like it). If you love it...I love it! What it means is that you can actually afford them new! YAY!!!!!

All together it is a pretty eye-catching
I have placed a few pictures of today's outfit which included my new treasure, my funky socks (the name and not the smell!), black fleece lined leggings, and one of my two favorite boots. Once I put on large hoops and my red motorcycle jacket I was ready to go. Myles said, "Pretty's kinda 80s." Now you know how my vintage and thrift store shopping has schooled the kids on what would fit into which decade. I was pretty impressed that he noticed!
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