Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Views from Lake Mead and Surrounding Area!

Hello Luvs,

My Oh My have I seen so many glorious landscapes which remind me that 'in this moment' we can imagine anything!

When Life equals Art you are blinded
(it is not just the blue that serves as a background...it is the darting grey cloud
stretching toward an opening longing to be seen!)

The eyes try to rationalize what the heart has laid claim.
(out in the distance you are not sure if it is a lake or land cultivated
either way....it is a vision)
THIS...Road seems unending as the rest of your world

......falls aside.
(a dagger, a whale, a turtle, puppy, and snail
ALL imagined to scale!)
With Loved Ones close by
(wishing for peace and harmony...the world
we've seen in dreams)

Taking it all in with a sigh...
(there is no equal to what has become unconditional
wanting nothing but to exist)

All the memories now locked deep inside the mind.
(if we close our eyes tight we can further ignite a memory

of this pink, blue, and great sight)

Lays claim to the music that sings, the very air that you breath, brings about even more questioning....
Is this ALL FOR ME?

Til next time,


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