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We WILL Travel On....!

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I was going to post about an eatery that we visited a few days ago. Unfortunately, without wifi my draft seems to have vanished into thin air. I will rewrite it very soon. Maybe that happening has allowed me to write about what's been heavy on my heart. If you've read my previous post that waxed political you know where I stood/stand regarding who was running for President. If not, the link are below.
Do you see what I see?

Alone in beauty....
Since that time I witnessed Bernie have the nomination stolen from him. Before that when others spoke about the Clinton Machine (that she will not let him be the nominee) and how they use others as puppets I remained naive. Bernie is a uniting force of nature, stood head and shoulders above Clinton in trustworthiness, and the clear favorite to beat Trump by double digits. He even had Republicans saying they would vote for him! I watched as Clinton lie about his record.  Then her campaign turned around the fact that he had himself handcuffed to an African-American woman during the Civil Rights Movement (among MANY other things including marching with MLK Jr.) into something that never happened. That is just the tip of the iceberg. To go over it again stands to do nothing to improve my moral, and unsurprisingly make me even sadder.
Ultimately...these shadows WILL travel!

I knew (and said) from the beginning that Clinton WAS NOT the right person to go up against Trump. There are/were way too many skeletons in her closet. I have no doubt of her intelligence and commitment at the beginning of her career (after claiming to be a Goldwater Girl) to affect change. Somewhere along the line both she and her husband decided to go for (or were offered) the money. Selling out not only themselves but the people who still believed in them. Listening to others claim the title of Hillary Girl (and always being that way) seemed surreal. Were they not seeing what I was. I could write about this all day. Just thinking of how the DNC decided she was the candidate from the very beginning. All the palms that were greased, pats on the backs, and promises of a key position when she was President were for naught. Bernie will not be the Chair of the Finance Committee making sure money goes where it should and is needed. Instead Giuliani (an ardent Trump supporter) will get his position along with others that towed the Trump hate line. 
They say not to look back, however
I feel remembering lessons taught
are essential.

Individually inspired-
As a group united
Now to why my heart and head are heavy. As an African-American woman who is done having children (difficult pregnancies) I still believe that it should be a woman's choice. There are so many who will find themselves in a difficult situation in the future. Under his presidency they will have the added burden of a possible penalty. Nevermind the fact that it could be life threatening to go to full term (or continue the pregnancy), they were sexually assaulted, or were the victim of incest. Republicans have been trying to overturn Roe vs. Wade for a long time. Now they have someone who says that a woman should face punishment for a decision that is made by her and should be privy only to her physician. For women to vote for him when he stands to do this is beyond scary.                        
Didn't know this was happening!

Then you have the fact that he speaks about women in a degrading way (one instance that was caught on tape). He was old enough to know that what he was saying was not appropriate. Billy Bush was fired....and his run for president continued on. Knowing that if your wife, daughter, mother, cousin, or aunt is seen as attractive to him he feels he has carte blanche to grab their crotch. Oh, wait....if you've had children he is no longer attracted to you. So all women who have kiddos are excluded....right???? WAIT....if you are a girl who just became a teenager even you are not safe from him! What happens with the case against him for assaulting a teenage girl? Probably swept under the rug that now has mounds as tall as me.
ALWAYS watch where you step
AND what you left behind.

The Republican Party also wants to dismantle what Roosevelt put in place. Even though they receive (and WOULD NOT WILLINGLY GIVE UP) insurance paid for by taxpayers they think others do not deserve the right to free or reduced healthcare. In the next four years I will see friends and family lose their homes among other things because they have a family medical emergency. It is a given that some will face it. This person....elected on the 8th will seek to do so with Paul Ryan. There will be legislation that goes after public programs (including no mining in National Parks and was previously protected land) because Ryan has already put it out there....within the first 100 days Obamacare will be done for. Having this president elect pick Supreme Court Justices while the Republicans would not ALLOW President Obama to select one (who leaned to the right) simply because Obama picked him. My heart races thinking about the future of various laws they could enact or overturn. It should give your bones a chill. These all are things we fear. However, we are not willing to hang around and cross our fingers.
Oh Boy do I love these people!

I choose to shine, and be an
example of realizing what is wrong
then taking action.
Oh, and when I hear people speak about how successful he is as a business man they are speaking about someone whose businesses are bankrupt (hence the refusal to show his tax forms). Add to that that he really does not own, build, or run anything but his name/brand. A name that was actually changed from Drumpf. Somehow the latter seems to fit him better. What he represents is someone who has no morals, and is corrupt to the soul. He isn't someone who supporters want to represent as having big balls. Instead he is someone who glommed onto a vein of hatred that has been just under the surface for many Americans. You don't support or vote for someone who uses the energy of Hitler and others who try to hold down minorities as lessor than. If you do....then you are no better.

Last thing I will add (I is running long but this is a big thing!) is the fact that he speaks of  minorities as 'the blacks' and 'the mexicans'. Can't really do the Chinese phrasing justice because it lies in his inflection. His presidency has already given racists the freedom to hit someone who does not fall in line with their beliefs or race. Drove past many lawns that housed both a Trump sign and the confederate flag. That is not coincidental. These have been people who have always housed that hatred in their hearts and now have a president who allows them to speak their minds. That makes me fearful for my life, my bi-racial marriage, and my children. That does not sit well with me and shouldn't do so for anyone who is a free thinker and village minded. To hear that Germany and ISIS are celebrating his election says enough wouldn't you say?!?!

The damage is now done, and we have decided to do what we said we would. We are leaving the U.S. We were/are following up our words with action. By electing this man this country has shown that it does not want someone like me or my family here....and we listened. The journey will allow us to not be anchored or surrounded by hate. Being in a country that just elected a monster who has made us into a laughing stock around the world defies logic.. A country that elected a person with absolutely has no experience and cannot speak about the military, trade, healthcare, or plans of action with any modicum of knowledge or common sense. He simply makes faces and purses his lips. That IS NOT presidential. That is not telling it like it is....but instead reacting like someone in grade school. Though I feel bad about putting any kiddos in the same group as him hence insulting them.
....and in Eartha we travel on!
For those of you who think that moving out of the country is an overreaction remember how things stand from my perspective. A family who faces losing their healthcare (with myself having medical issues) because Obamacare is as good as dead, have the government involved in my right to chose, and have a son (who will be considered a black man....oh wait....THREATENING BLACK MAN) who will be targeted and always facing others unfounded negative judgement. In many instances, those who say that they will weather the storm and want to wait and see are either white, rich, have never experienced true racism, or are all of these things. 

In case any of you haven't he appointed a climate denier! 

We have already made plans and will be enacting them soon. I'll document our journey via this blog and videos uploaded to youtube. I would love it if you would join us on our journey. To make sure that happens just do one of the following:

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I think my rant is over, however I reserve the right to vent at a later date. See what I did? I added humor!

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