Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Treasure Found......!

Hello Luvs,

Today on Instagram ( I shared one of the treasures I scored at a local thrift store. If you have yet to follow me you should really get on that! 😸 It is a shirt/sweatshirt from the clothing line UIDEAZONE. More about them later in the post.
All the colors!

You may have heard of and/or been to one before. The thrift store is Savers. I first discovered them through a friend/bandmate while living in Orange County. They one we visited in Quebec City was called Village des Valeurs. You don't know how happy I was to find one several close to where we are now. When I go to a thrift store I usually find something unique. Not sure if it's because I look for an item that others overlook, or that they just put it out. Depending on the day it could be either. There are occasions when I find way too many overpriced items. When the item is from Target, Walmart, Old Navy, or Kohl's it should not be vey expensive in a thrift store. In the end....if someone is wilingl to pay that amount then good for the store. On the flip side....they will price something I know has significant value (at least to me) very low. Being a treasure hunter is in my DNA. I go to town trying to find things that are just right. I want to find clothing and accessories that make me feel good and express my playful side. So, what do you do when you don't have a budget to go crazy (for me, most of the time!).                                               
I dig cool socks! Do you?

Well, right now when you bring in a bag of donations you receive a card punched for 5% off of your purchase. Bring in three bags than it's 15%. Bring in six then it's 30%. Every time I go I bring at least one bag of donations (clothing, accessories, household items, etc.) and have a card (currently green) that was previoulsy provided by them hole punched. Once the card reaches 30% off I start another. They also give you a red card that is marked for every $5.00 you spend. They even give you multiple cards when warranted. How can you beat that? If you donate items regularly or like to go thrifting semi-regularly take advantage of these discounts. Don't even get me started on the sales they hold during certain days of the week!!!

Paired with leggings
it was an easy outfit to
put together.
Now, about UIDEAZONE...they are trademarked in the United States but offer their goods in Asian sizing which is 1-2 sizes smaller than in the U.S. Their clothing features men's, women's, and unisex options.  Some offer both funny and colorful designs. Not sure if my shirt is for men or is unisex. Either way....I HAD TO HAVE IT! They is a certain way in which they produce the items that leave the product with colors that resist fading or cracking. When looking them up I found that they are not an expensive label (which shouldn't really affect whether or not you like it). If you love it...I love it! What it means is that you can actually afford them new! YAY!!!!!

All together it is a pretty eye-catching
I have placed a few pictures of today's outfit which included my new treasure, my funky socks (the name and not the smell!), black fleece lined leggings, and one of my two favorite boots. Once I put on large hoops and my red motorcycle jacket I was ready to go. Myles said, "Pretty's kinda 80s." Now you know how my vintage and thrift store shopping has schooled the kids on what would fit into which decade. I was pretty impressed that he noticed!
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My First Choice.....!

Hello Luvs,

This came to me while trying to add audio to my youtube videos (any suggestions would be appreciated!) with no success. Wrote a musical track with Janis for all the videos that currently have no sound. Think I might have to start all over.

Anyhow, as I sit watching Jalen and Myles it brought about the poem below. I hope you enjoy it!
Though sometimes a
solitary soul realizing
that she......

When wishing was all I had
My future laid out like a map
I breathed you into existence
Not relying on well wishes

When love does not seem enough
To shepard you out from the dark
Listen closely for the sound of my voice
Never forget that you are my first choice

is made all the better by four!
When all that I have to offer
The vibrant existence once fathered
The tiny hand now bigger
Props you up and makes you stronger

When I say again and again
You are the reason I learn
A student embracing this life
All the bad made silent
                                            ~Kat L.Wilson

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Friday, November 25, 2016

Being Thankful...

Hello Luvs,

To say that we are thankful for our
travels in an understatement!
For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving I hope that you had a wonderful day. I came across an instgram post from someecards via @kristenfulton. The sentiment hits the problem on it's head regarding just why I find it crazy how folks get incredibly stressed this year while trying to impress others. They each say what they are thankful for then got sit in a line overnight (or before light of day) to get the deal on a tv, toys, electronics, appliances, or whatever else you can think of. It reads....

Black Friday:
The image of Myles climbing
the tallest rock and sharing
his adventurous side is
a heartfelt moment of thanks.
Because only in America, people trample others one day after being thankful for what they already have.

I think that this statement deserves an exclamation point at the end. The mass commercialism that has spread through the hearts of many is fueled by companies that (not who...because a company is not a person) are laughing all the way to the bank. It no longer shows any sentiment or sincere thought, but instead gauges just how much someone spends on another. I am not saying that everyone does but it is prevalent for many. Valentine's Day, Mother's/Father's Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa seem to be promoted earlier and earlier with each year that passes.
When one image alone does not cover
the many things in your life that continue
to bring about THANKS.

Seeing this brings about a belief that you should be thankful throughout the year. Not just celebrating this sentiment when it is spoon fed to you. Living in the (YOUR) moment allows you to take joy in each breath, kiss, meal, hug, sunset, step. sight, smell...etc. I'm sure that you get the picture. How do you feel about this? Do you agree, or do you take all of the pomp and circumstance that is dictated by corporations as your moral and spiritual guide to how to show your loved ones that you care?
To the new ball of energy that has joined
this nomadic family and settled in as if she
has always been....I think Pippie is
thankful for the cushion and shoulder
that provide the perfect sleeping spot...

Pretty sure I have shared my feelings about this before but thought I would to express it in poetry.

Tell me that you love me
No...I've heard you say it before
But diamonds say it even more
Not some handmade poem burned on it's edges
Or artistic rendition
Could make up what I'm missing
Say it with chocolate of the Godiva kind
Bring loving thoughts right back to this mind
So show me that you love me
Don't just with hugs and kisses
The Benz' Sally drives would warm my heart
Not like this Prius tears me apart
Only five months til I open my presents
No need to wonder or keep on guessin'
I can answer all of your questions
With a hint and a blink
OR the red inked list left on the fridge
Please...don't think that I am being pushy
What I gaze upon will tell me that you'll miss me
So tell me in the best way you can
That you want to remain my tender loving man......
                                                                ~Kat L.Wilson
thankful for...we are exploring
learning, and growing closer with
each day....!

A little bit of sarcasm there....any guesses which Holiday I tackled. Didn't know which one (or ones) I would wander toward. I suppose that the December Holiday bears the brunt of my angst. For me, this and the moment to share your love and gratitude. Tackle each day as if it is your last and leave nothing unsaid!
The night sky and knowing that it will
bring about yet another day to be thankful for.

Til next time,

Just as the season changes
the tree lives and supplies oxygen to
those who are destructive to their core.
This organic offering receives no thanks.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Home-Schooling Tips/Information From Me to You! What I Have Learned So Far.

Hello Luvs,

The blog today is for those who are thinking about either home or roadschooling (or have faced challenges while doing so thus far). I am going to share our tricks used to ensure that we can function while in a new city, or when we have decided to prolong a stay.

Pippie says, "Good Morning!"
One thing we always do is research the area before arriving. If you do this you will know what options are available to you and when to schedule certain subjects. Of course most subjects can be done outside at any time. But what happens when you need to go online? Our go to places have been a lifesaver. We have found that Lowes (during business hours in the parking lot) can be a strong option. Libraries and Starbucks are a given (actually doing this from one now). 

RV Parks are most often NOT an option. Having a wifi booster is a recommended (by other RVers) as a possible solution. I will let you know what change that has once we pick one up. We have found the signal particularly week and unusable. The last one only allowed for one user at a time. That made it difficult to accomplish subjects in a smooth way. Because Jalen and Myles move at their own pace using their individual device is preferable. Of course we could allow for it taking twice the time, but who wants to do that when there is so much to explore outside.
Goldie and Pippie Illuminated...

Another thing I have done is cater the subjects to where we will be located. This makes the work more in depth and relatable. Learning about the geography, history, economics, native plants and animals (among other things) allows differences and similarities to become more clear. The kids get to see if there have been environmental impacts that have occurred from public maintenance or misuse. They also get to see what animals each ares has in common, or if there is a species that is specific to just one area. When a question arrives regarding a subject (person, place, and/or thing) I include it in the schoolwork for the week.

The only thing I have battled is when I find free lessons on a subject and it is not challenging enough. Trying to find a math site that stretches Jalen's knowledge is an ongoing thing. Most likely we will have to break down and pay a fee.  However, I have found that Jalen and Myles have different approaches for processing material. I can see the difference in organization of material and the different facts that jump out to them. There have been occasions when it is similar, but those are not as often. Below are a few sites we use which offer free information/subject matter. I subscribed to their emails which allows me to pick and choose which subjects or material will fit with the subject covered on each particular day.
This lovely piece of art is located at the
Henderson Library.

Language: Duolingo-

Science/Geography/History/Culture/Health Science (and MANY more!):

Hands On Science: Aurora Lipper-

Math: (other subjects also)

*Spelling should be catered to the students ability. For example, Jalen is covering words needed to graduate from high school. If you have questions regarding additional subjects please reach out by commenting below.

If your children (like mine) are big on technology doing most of their schoolwork on their computer/chromebook fits the ticket. Jalen is currently learning French and Spanish while Myles is concentrating on Spanish. So each day they start off with that, then I email them with their schedule. For writing and original composition I have them email me with their work via google doc. This way I can read over the completed work, offer corrections, and most of all make sure they are acutally processing the material.
I loved the tree and sunbeams in this section.

There is still more fine tuning needed. If I find a site that seems to run smoother, offers more challenges, and/or is free I will share via this blog.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Views from Lake Mead and Surrounding Area!

Hello Luvs,

My Oh My have I seen so many glorious landscapes which remind me that 'in this moment' we can imagine anything!

When Life equals Art you are blinded
(it is not just the blue that serves as a is the darting grey cloud
stretching toward an opening longing to be seen!)

The eyes try to rationalize what the heart has laid claim.
(out in the distance you are not sure if it is a lake or land cultivated
either is a vision)
THIS...Road seems unending as the rest of your world

......falls aside.
(a dagger, a whale, a turtle, puppy, and snail
ALL imagined to scale!)
With Loved Ones close by
(wishing for peace and harmony...the world
we've seen in dreams)

Taking it all in with a sigh...
(there is no equal to what has become unconditional
wanting nothing but to exist)

All the memories now locked deep inside the mind.
(if we close our eyes tight we can further ignite a memory

of this pink, blue, and great sight)

Lays claim to the music that sings, the very air that you breath, brings about even more questioning....
Is this ALL FOR ME?

Til next time,


Saturday, November 19, 2016

Email That Validated Our Need to Move!

What awaited....still beautiful though 140 ft. drop in level.
They actually had to relocate the marina!
Hello Luvs,

Today I find myself coming back to the state I see the U.S. heading. There have been some interactions and situations that have shown me in uncertain terms that the fear we had of a trump victory was justified. Not only the fear, but the belief that there was going to be a shift in the climate in which our family would be affected. Over the last week there have been at least three different events that bring home the point that everything we believed was well founded. 
Josh had her now...but before that I had to pick
Goldie up...she was like, "I am not going
to move one more step!" That was till
she got to Daddy....!

When we removed our children from their schools in North Carolina we opted out of the email chain. We received a few after, but they had stopped about three weeks after the school year started. Well. last week we received an email from the principal of Jalen's school that was at the very least unsettling. When we removed her from the school there had been a few times where I had to address something that happened. Whether it was involving Jalen or another student it did not sit well with me and I took action. The takeaway for Josh and me was that if you are a certain member of society (color/race) your children are held to a different standard. If you were a minority (especially African-American) you were more likely to receive swifter and more harsh consequences. The incident with Jalen was never resolved to our satisfaction and we lost faith that the right thing would be done for our child. Nevermind the fact that I was an active member of the community. We were left to wonder what happened to the students whose parent(s) had no time (or interest) in interceding on their behalf.                         
Almost to the water...happy doggies!

Pippie wasn't too sure about the water,
but Goldie walked right in.

The communication below shined a light on the fact that we had reason to worry. We were not a 'poor me' family who thought everyone was out to get us. We are and were rational and optimistic. The result of our hesitation was an administration that tried to cover their backends and connections...often to the detriment of children of color. Please read the excerpt below.

So, where did the sentiment and belief system of these student's originate? Well, of course we know that it is from the people (parents, grandparents, and their social circle). Have they always believed what they now said out loud  to their fellow students? My answer would lean toward yes. However, now they have an orange hued bigot as their president-elect who has given them the platform to share their true feelings.
Already like sisters!

When people say that affirmative action should go away you now know why it cannot. The foundation of this country is a truth that not all of us are as advanced as others believe we are. Being the optimistic person that I am it chills me to my core. 

Over the last week I have seen one person after the other aim their hateful glances toward me and Josh. When either of us arrives first somewhere and the other comes in later I can feel the hatred as if it is a wall that aims to block my soul. It is as if they want to say something like asking how I dare be in their community and have a mixed race marriage....let alone children! 
Just Pippie...and..her...shadow-
walking back from the lake!

When Myles wanted to buy a water gun that was black and to me too realistic looking I had to put my foot down. The typical water gun that is orange and green does not bring out a deep fear in me. Myles did not understand my reasoning until I laid it out. The truth was/is the fact that if he left it in the back seat and I was stopped for a traffic violation (which I haven't had in decades) being a Black woman with a black toy gun in the back seat could give a police officer fear that I was a threat and thus end my life. A few years ago I would not have believed this. My fear is not irrational because it is in fact the reality for so many African-American citizens in this country. To watch as a tennis player (who is actually light skinned) was tackled to the ground in front of a hotel because 'he looked like their suspect'. The wrong place at the right time can mean a beat down, arrest, death, and/or all of the above. A painful tackle is what he received. What happens when you aren't famous or light-skinned. Pretty sure you know the answer.
Couldn't decide if it was more like a
Van Gogh vision of clouds....

That is the reason why half the country scares me and solidifies our need to get away from here. To be in a place where I am not a prisoner of this type of fear. My life right now is working it's way toward manifesting our dream existence. However, we still have to get there....and to get there we will more than likely have to pass through a place where bigotry reigns. Some residents now feel as if the Presidential election has given them permission to ACT ON THEIR HATRED. If that does make you scared for dear should!
...or cotton clouds stretched to their limit.

How do you feel about the results? Have you had first-hand experience with someone who feels pleased that they no longer need to be politically correct? Is it better to know your enemies and no longer have to look in closets for them? I would love to hear from you. Also, please share this blog if it resonated with you in any way.

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Until next time....enjoy pictures from our walk to the lake this morning along with beautiful clouds that graced our sky.


Friday, November 18, 2016

The Thought of You.....Poetry on Friday!

Hello Luvs,

The weekend is upon us and we are looking forward to exploring the lake area Eartha is located. With everything we need to do to get ready for Canada the week has flown by. So what are you up to? Has the weather already turned cold and left you yearning for tea, hot chocolate, or a hot tottie? Any way you approach it the weekend is yours, and I hope that you get as much rest or fun as you need.

While driving to the library a sentence kept coming to me and I thought that I would build a poem from it. Hopefully the thoughts will flow out and come together. Let's see what happens...

It is not just the thought of you
The way you glow with passion
Always there to listen
Oh you shine.
That sings
It is not just the way you hold my head
Times when it weighs heavy
The load is lightened
By strength
It is not just the words I write
That remind me that you are you
Too good to be true
Like lightning
It is the way that you recognize my needs
When I dream the unseen
Big thoughts imagined
Then cheered
It is you being them
Then multiplied again
Growing in numbers with no end
You glistening....
                               ~Kat L. Wilson

Hope you liked it!

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Til next time,


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Time To Share Our Happy News with You?

Hello Luvs,

If you read my last blog then you know that I mentioned that something magical happened while we were in Mesquite. Well, we told the kiddos that we would get another dog when we found our RV. Of course we were reminded about it EVERY SINGLE DAY! We decided while in the area we would check out the local shelters. In the end we found the family member of our dreams. But before I introduce you I thought that I would walk you through I decision, experience, and how we got there.

Even before we bought Eartha we noticed that RV drivers had either a couple of cats or a couple of dogs. The kids had been asking for another pet for some time now. That is when we agreed to get one once we found the RV and were settled in. Last week while looking at the websites for the local shelter we came across a chihuahua mix named Mindy. Josh reached out on a Thursday evening to see if we could schedule a time to see her. The woman instructed us to come to their event on Saturday. We were asked to fill out the paperwork online beforehand which Josh did. It was a little odd for it to be pushed off in regard to meeting her. Just me?  Read on to find out why it seemed odd.

On Saturday we arrived at the location of the adoption event at about ten minutes before it started. There were already people there so we went in. The first volunteer introduced us to Mindy, but made sure to tell us that another family (they reached out after we did!) was coming and if they were interested someone would come to both homes and decide which one would be able to adopt her. What? Shouldn't they allow the first family who wanted her go through the process and then if it didn't work out contact the next family? It made it a competition that to us depended on another's perception. Would they decide that an anchored home is ALWAYS better than an RV that houses a loving family? More than likely that was the type of home she was rescued from! Who decides which will love her more? At first we were upset, but what happened next made us glad that we were put off.

At first Mindy was distracted because the woman who had been fostering her had treats in her fanny pack (those words have always cracked me up!). Throughout our time with her she would only make contact with her though she did chop down the treats from the kids. I say that because it was much more like an aggressive chomp. Not surprised since many of the dogs in shelters were abused and/or neglected. She might have had to fight for her food or it was sporadic in coming. Either way, we did not blame her.

We asked to take her for a short walk along with Goldie and they obliged. After about a minute she wanted to return to the building. The volunteer told us that yes, she is a food hound and that she is driven by that. We worried that there would be a replay of what happened when we adopted a miniature greyhound. She was ok for the first few days. However, we walked out to find her pinning Goldie to the ground on her back and nipping at her face. She was also a food hound. It was such a scary thing that we believe that it permanently affected Goldie. Unfortunately we had to take her back. It was a no kill shelter which made us feel a little better though we were still very sad. We would NEVER do that to Goldie again. She will be thirteen in a few months and deserves to live peacefully.

The reason why we decided not to adopt her in the end was because of two things. First was that Goldie was growling at her. It was her way of saying that Mindy might be trouble. Once again, we do not blame Mindy for her actions. What made us walk away was when she tried to bit Josh. Josh is 6'3 but he is as gentle as they come with animals. He got down to her level and let her come to him. He had pet her before but on the third round she went at him. Both together made it a no go.

Once we told them one of the volunteers showed us a few dogs that were up for adoption at the Mesquite shelter. We decided to check it out. When we did we met Brandy (renamed her Pippie). She is a chihuahua/terrier mix. She has the same coloring as Goldie but simply short haired. Her snout looks more like a terrier, and she has brown eyelashes instead of white. We absolutely fell in love with her then and there! She is almost two which took her out of puppy age which is perfect for us. We paid the fee to have her surgery and went to the vet on the following Monday and paid for the chip tracker. The shelter told us that she is a runner (will take off and not come when called) but she has been by our side lovingly. Down the line that might change, so training is an immediate need. We picked her up yesterday afternoon and brought her home. She has fit in like a glove, and we feel so lucky to add her to our family which is now six!

Without further ado...her is Pippie!!!!
She calms it when we stroke her head.

The tongue thing was an adorable
after surgery longer happening.

Today is all about the harness
and bone!!!

She loved the feel of this flannel
last night.    

Til next time,


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sun Resorts RV Park done...onto the next!

Hello Luvs,
Both Myles and Goldie are at home
on Eartha!

Another day another city. We are now away from Mesquite and on to another adventure. The RV Park has it's pluses which included location (shopped like Europeans-and picked up items daily) and large shower rooms, but we believe that the minuses won out. A few things I took away from the experience are below. You might find that they would not be issues for you and can be overcome. However, depending on the particular park you might find some resistance. Hearing about our hiccups could mean less for you. On the other hand you might have some wisdom to share with me. Interested? If so, keep readin'!
First meal cooked a few days ago...will
still need fine tuning.

When making the reservation Josh was very clear that we were newbies to RVing and would need help setting up things (water, septic, electric, etc.). We had been shown where various systems were from the previous owner, and he quickly explained how they worked. Unfortunately, it was a daunting bundle of information from him and a lot to take in and keep in. We knew that we would have a learning curve. The women (3 different ones) Josh spoke with each said that someone would be there to help us and that the process was very simple....Yeah....right! 
This recipe had ground turkey seasoned to
perfection along with some spicy seasoning.

What did not go as planned? Well, the gentlemen was there alright. We followed him to the spot they had selected for us and pulled in. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt because our RV is not one you see everyday. They only made 13,000 and only 9,000 are still on the road (if not in someone's yard gathering spiderwebs and dust). He did not mentioned quite a few things. The major one being the lever that allows your sewage to drain. When it started to back up after Jalen's shower I went out and there was only a trickle coming out....that did not seem right since I had
Boy were they tasty!
washed dishes also. Luckily we had literature from the seller that we read line by line by line and found the lever listed along with where it should be. It was several pages back and in the biggest paragraph I have ever seen. It was hard to find....but boy were we glad we did! Oh, and the gentleman listed the few things we needed to hook up (which we did not know about/ like an attachment for the stinky slinky and 25 foot water hose). 
The office person/handyman that helped was rude basically saying that we were on our own when Josh returned with what we needed. He was done helping, and so we worked as a team and figured it out. Some might say that doing that would have been better from the beginning, but because you can make some pretty big mistakes when first owning an RV we wanted to hopefully avoid them. However, when having someone who has owned RVs and helped run an RV park steers you wrong you start to second guess asking for help.
Enjoyed this setting while waiting for
the restroom/shower to be available.

Two things struck us immediately about our experience. The first was that they picked a spot sandwiched/surrounded by three RVs. All of which came together just enough to interfere with our wifi signal. During the entire time I was not able to use wifi while at the park. Yes, RV parks are known for having bad reception, but for one that was not full to capacity (on many days 1/3 full) I find it hard to fathom why. They had four towers for a rather small area. The one that worked the best was located in the stinky dog run area. The lesson learned from this is to not just take the spot assigned. I witnessed as several other guests walked the park and picked their two favorites. I knew this because I was in the freakin' clubhouse trying to get a signal. Once they met us and saw Eartha in person they changed their tune and wanted us to stay longer. They were a bit pushy about that up until the very end. Staying in a place that makes it hard for both Josh and I to do our thing (along with the kiddos and school) was not an option.      
Me, Janis, my dino adorned chromebook, and laundry....YAY!
How would i rate S.R.R.P.?

Rated 1-5 (with 1 being the lowest)

Convenience- 5 We were located in a spot that had a store and gas station next door. It was a one minute drive to the freeway. It was also an easy drive from our last location and for our next stop.
Cost- 2 We paid a lot for our stay and were treated like second class citizens. Our location was terrible and did not need to be that way since there were many open spots that were available during the week.
Staff- 2 The employee that kind of helped us hook up was rude to both Josh and our kiddos when it was not necessary. The office people were nice enough, but the hoops we had to jump through were many. In addition to that was made difficult because each employee told us something different.
Accessibility (handicapped and little ones)- 4.6 The Park had ramps and seats in the shower room for handicapped patrons. There was also a ramp for the side gate which allowed you to access the grocery store. The only reason why it is not a 5 is because the latch for the trash was up kind of high and adults in wheelchairs probably have an issue reaching it.                       

Staying at a park where employees and/or patrons who rub you the wrong way does not have to stay that way. There might the option of leaving early. If that is not feasible then spending most of your time away from the park is better for your piece of mind. Now, switching to another spot is a great option if your set-up is turnkey and/or your stay will be on the long side. You will simply have the issue of unhooking and reattaching. It all depends on what your comfort zone is. Libraries, museums, and areas to take in the landscape are some of our favorite activities. If you really like spending time at the first, then wifi and quiet are both easily attained.....and the cost is....ya guessed it! FREE!!! We booked a week to allow us time to get to know Eartha. What it has turned out to be is something magical. Not the RV park, but something we had not expected. I will share the happy news either tomorrow or Thursday. Also, if the new RV park has decent wifi I will tape and share my video tour of Eartha with you.

So, don't forget to come back and check in!

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Til next time,


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Zion National Park- Utah!

Hello Luvs,

Before I tell you about our trip to Zion National Park located in Utah I wanted to amend yesterdays blog 'We WILL Travel On!' 
The red road leading to Zion. 

There are folks out there who think that Trump being elected will not affect our daily lives. To anyone who wants OUR world to be habitable for future generations or OUR country turned into a thing of nightmares should check this out. It is his 100 day plan. Now that we have someone who falls in line with what Republicans have been trying to do for a long time...a lot of these are actually possible for him to do...simply with his signature.
Do you see what I see?

100 Day Plan-  

Now on to our field trip to Zion. We had visited before when Myles was around a year and a half. He was being carried in a holder even though he started walking several (at 7.5-8) months before. We chose to stay in a cabin located inside the park. It was surrounded by salmon colored towering mountains. We also got to see deer and wild turkeys up close. The kiddos were so beyond stoked to go to bed and wake up to those.
This long dead tree still climbs...

Now that we are residing in our tiny house on wheels (Eartha) we drove the Prius to the park. Considering the fact that it was a weekday we were pleasantly surprised to see so many people there. They varied in age and included visitors from other countries.
This is an example of the change in
colors and majesty that surrounded us.

While in the gift shop Josh had a bit of a dialog with some young men (with at least one of them born outside the U.S.). Since I was not there I will pass on what he told me. There was a couple there with Trump shirts on. The young men high fived them and spoke about how happy they were that he was elected (finally a man who has balls-REALLY!). To this Josh asked them if the found it ironic that they were in a National Park celebrating a man who wants to mine them. He named a climate change denier as head of the E.P.A., and thinks that earning money from these parks is the thing to do. To that they responded that they were not sure but still happy he won. He then asked them again if that made sense. They really had no answer. My statement to that would be....                                          
Entrance to one of the two tunnels
we drove through.

As young men who have yet to father children you are taking part in the beauty and grandeur of Zion. That is a great thing, but I ask you what will happen when the person you are celebrating goes to defund the E.P.A. When National Parks are strictly for profit and a hazard and are no longer visited by families. What will they tell their children was the reason why his election was such a good thing when he SAID/WROTE that he would do it. 

I would then ask them this...

How comfortable would you be if your little sister was the one he was accused of raping? How big were his balls twhere he felt comfortable grabbing your mother, sister, wife, aunt, or cousin in the crotch? Would you think of him as a great man? Or would you think that he is the criminal and sexual predator that he is?
The stream alongside the Visitor's Center.

When Josh told me this I was glad he called them out. He was not insulting in a way that went after them personally. He simply pointed out that they voted against their own self interests. I know that there will be people in the future who will realize their bad choice....when it is too late.

Now back to this CRAZY beautiful place. If you have yet to visit I highly recommend it. When you leave the freeway and are half way there the roads are a deep red. Getting closer you find yourself in awe of the beauty that water has carved through these glorious rocks. There are trees that stand out against the tan, brown, salmon, and orange of the mountain while the trees turning yellow add a second layer of beauty to make sure your eyes are not tricking you.
When you are hungry just pick a spot!

They have many turnouts throughout the Park with two different entrances. At one of these stops we noticed some visitors taking pictures of big horned sheep. We saw different sheep later in our drive. Being able to stop and walk down the rocks is in itself a meditative experience. Just looking up, down, around, and below brings you back to the moment over and over. Because of this beauty you do not realize all the walking, climbing, and descending you are doing. 

I brought along a lunch for all of us which consisted of subs (with each one filled with preferred ingredients), pickles, apples, bananas, clementines, and chips. We stopped at a larger turnout not far from the lower ranger's station and parked in the shade to enjoy our goodies. At the main entrance they have a campground (of which they have a few) with tons of picnic tables. If you decide to visit you can pop a squat there or at a pull off. You can remain in you car or sit on a rock down the side. All offer up a splendid view you will not soon forget. Just remember to take your trash with you if there is not a bin near you.

Just think of the small living
being that will lose it's habitat
if this area is mined.
So, how do I rate Z.N.P.?

Rated 1-5 (with 1 being the lowest)

Convenience- 4.9 It was about an hour from our Airbnb.
Cost- We used a National Park pass. If you have a 4th grader you should reach out to the National Park Service. They will mail you one.
Driving Trail- 5 No one was driving too fast and there were many turnouts along with two tunnels (one with an opening that let you see what you are driving through). You cannot stop in the tunnel and if a larger vehicle is coming through the rangers adjust to a single lane for safety. They return to two lanes once that vehicle has passed. We liked that additional safety measure.
Staff- 3.5 The ranger who checked our card when we entered was wonderful, however the person in the gift shop was not. There was only one person there, so it took a long time of you had a question (without even acknowledging you).
Trail- 4.5 There were both marked and non-marked trails. It depends on your comfort. Just make sure that you look for signs of a shoe with a line through it. That is to let you know that there is no walking in that area for the protection of the plants housed there.
Accessibility (handicapped and little ones)- 3 Visitors in wheel chairs will only find a few very short areas to travel on (at least from what we saw). Little ones can manage most with a hand held. There is even a stream that runs along the back of the main station/gift shop.

With the energy from this Earth I Shine!

I hope this helps you decide whether or not to visit this glorious park. If you want to take advantage of the restaurant and waking up to wildlife (in addition to a ranger led demonstration in the lodge and restaurant upstairs) staying in the lodge or a cabin would be a good choice.

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