Tuesday, October 4, 2016

~Where We Are in Our RV Purchase~

Good Morning Luvs,

Palm trees and the evening sky!
Another day...another step toward our vision. We looked at several RVs and think (fingers crossed that it passes inspection) we've found our RV. We have been at this for quite a while and feel that it is time we take that step. The longer we wait....the longer it takes to really live the life we would like to.
Kiddos always like visiting
ducks and geese.

Land Yachts are a style that was made by Airstream for a few years. Not all are maintained equally. It all depends on what type of maintenance the owner undertook. There are those who let theirs go for a while. We have found several that were just sitting around and show the effects of sun damage and water seeping through cracks not maintained.

Close view of their beauty...
Our next step is an inspection. We know we HAVE TO do it, however deciding on taking it somewhere or having someone come out is the question. Today will be about calling around to see how much different places charge if you bring it in. Because we need the inspection before we drive it this has to be addressed first. Luckily (we think) the current owner is handy and has really taken on issues that he came across. We are not handy, so we need to make sure anything major is found out beforehand and not when driving back to Nevada.
Nightfall was soon upon us....
Who wouldn't like this view?

The one thing I can say about shopping for an RV is that the people we have encountered have been the opposite of what we expected. Yes, a few have been mature and using theirs as part of their retirement lifestyle. The reason i mention this is that typically you might think they were unapproachable if you judged them by the way they look. We drove up not knowing what to expect and have felt comfortable being in their presence. Judging by a gun themed rug or the type of vehicle parked next to it you might step back. However, our experience (being a mixed race couple) is that they welcome us and actually take us under their wing. This has happened even when not purchasing their RV. Something I have always known.....DO NOT judge a book by it's cover. When you do, the people you think would be open-minded are the opposite and the ones you have nothing in common with are gracious, kind, funny, and most of all inclusive.

Pegasus in the middle of a fountain.
Crescent moon how I adore you!
I will let you know what happens and hopefully scope once we find out it passed inspection and we start to adjust it to fit our family. Until then, take a gander at the photos and video from our family time at Encanto Park. The park itself houses historic buildings and has been around for decades. It is a large (over 200 acres) family friendly park with a large play area for little ones, six plus bridges, a pool, clubhouse, multiple areas where you see geese and ducks gliding on the water, and palm trees placed throughout. They have a few areas you can rent out for parties, and a train that circles through it. I recommend visiting it when in the Phoenix Area. Below is the link for the Park just in case you would like more information.
Destroyed by a storm....this bridge
was rebuilt by volunteers.
Really luved the lamp posts.

Encanto Park- https://www.phoenix.gov/parks/parks/alphabetical/e-parks/encanto-park/park-history-art-awards

Til next time,



  1. I'm so excited for you guys and not only do I hope but I know things will work out and you all will soon be on the road to living the life you have been dreaming and thinking about
    Lots of love to you all

    1. Hey There Newlywed! How's married life??? Don't laugh, but we have changed our minds again. We are thinking about doing an Airstream trailer with either a van or a larger Nissan vehicle. I know...doesn't seem like me, but the trailers might be our best bet. I will be updating on here. Luv you...your support is invaluable and precious!

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    1. Thanks Unknown for the feedback. I hope to help by sharing my experiences and it makes me happy that you have found it informative. In regard to instagram....I have not bought any. All have been organic. My feeling about whether or not they are real? I would say not. There are MANY who follow who turn around and unfollow you once you follow them. I would be hesitant to follow anyone who has followers in the ten figures but only follows back a fraction of them. More than likely they will unfollow you within a few days. If you like their content and find benefit then you might follow without any expectation of them reciprocating. I have been follow by bots and reached out to by others trying to get me to buy followers. Those are ones I would just ignore. When they are scantily clad and/or have a name that sounds more like a porn name than a person, blog, or business I block them.
      I hope this helps you when deciding what to do in the future.