Tuesday, October 11, 2016

We Can Feel the Open Road Calling Us!

Hello Luvs,

As we do our next whittle down of possessions we feel as if we've turned a corner. When I wrote about feeling as if I am a yo-yo it has rang true more than you know. If anything I have shifted a bit toward a couple of realizations.
What a dream this vintage RV is!
Courtesy of  roadtrippers

First- Since it our first RV biting off more than we can chew would be a mistake. Even the big time RV influencers didn't start off with their dream RV. Trying to find one to gut and rebuild would make it impossible to live the life we want for a considerable time longer. Even with everything going smoothly we would need to stay in an Airbnb while it was being done. So, not only would we be paying someone to construct it, we would be buying materials, and paying the person. That is a lot of money to commit. As we know from our experience (remodeling our home in New Mexico) the cost of labor and material can be unending. 
Courtesy of Little Vintage Trailer
Something that the Hubster and I
would love!

Second- Is the idea of a vintage RV more about me or the family? I am leaning toward me more than for them. I know that they would adjust themselves to make me happy. However, the point of making this lifestyle manifest sooner, with less stress (might be impossible to do that), and with comforts that make the shift less daunting for the rest of the family.

So, we have narrowed our search to a model that receives pretty good ratings, is not a monster in size, and can be lived in on day one. Because it is newer it is at the top of our budget (and hopefully with a warranty). I would have to drive behind it in the Pruis to each destination. Once we are able we want to buy an enclosed trailer to tow behind. We are blown away by how much they cost. We are waiting on that because placing solar needs to be our first thing. Doing research on trailer costs is on the to-do list today.
This was the type we were trying to find.

We might have a connection that will help keep our solar cost down (and take a bit out of the expense). Fingers crossed.....! One thing we did decide is that we will attach the panels to the top of our trailer versus on the RV. One reason is that installing on the RV will leave holes, and if the next person decides they would not like the panels we want to make sure they do not become an issue. Also, if we attach it to the trailer and decide to move on to our next RV we would not sell the trailer but keep it (and our panels) for use with our next RV.

SUPER cool modern design!
pic courtesy of  3.designmilk
In terms of getting rid of things, the Odyessy had been a great van for us. It helped bring our things across country and was still running like a champ (blow tire was something else). Saving thousands of dollars by not renting something was pretty awesome. Last night we listed it on craigslist and someone texted within three minutes and wanted to buy it. Yep, the van had some issues (mainly cosmetic)...so we priced it low and people were going crazy to buy it. The process had to have been the quickest and smoothest transaction ever. 
More than likely it will be something like this.
It would just under 30 feet.

It's crazy just how many things we have accomplished (sold two cell phones and reduced possessions by 70%) and how much we have left to do. Listed a couple of things on craigslist (printer and legos) this morning and hopefully we will get some bites from them. I priced them considerably lower than other ones I found on the site. That should help.

We are hoping that this weekend will find us staying at our last Airbnb regularly and hitting the road. We will possibly in the future. That is, if the ones (found 3) we like are available and adjusted to fit our budget. The main goal is to leave enough left in the budget to buy solar and a wi-fi hotspot. Both of these will allow off grid capabilities. Oh...how ready I am!

Til next time,


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