Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Yo-Yo That is Buying an RV/Motorhome

Hello Luvs,

Well, things have gone up and down so many times in regard to finding our tiny home on wheels. I often feel like a hamster. Actually, it might be better to describe myself as a mouse on a wheel trying to reach some delicious cheese. Given the fact that I am incredibly scared by mice. I know....funny that afraid of mice, but I am. As a family we are more than ready for our new digs and exploring more states. Making the right choice is important. Sometimes having too much of an open approach can lead to not taking that step. Read on to find out more.... 
Saguro cacti were in abundance.

Closer to our stop the sun and
clouds waxed majestic.
Even though we have not found our new home the time that has passed has been educational. We have figured out what we do not want. The experience of visiting an RV dealership was not fun, and we were pretty much ignored. Ultimately it was ok, because we are no longer looking for a travel trailer, recently built RV, or a bus. Ideally we would like an Airstream 300 series, but if not we would love to find a low priced vintage cutie that we can use, maybe change a few things, then work on until we have it where we want it (if that is ever possible). If not, then we are looking to buy something that is empty and reliable that will allow us to design and build from the ground up. Now...I AM NOT saying that I will be putting up walls, doing ANYTHING electrical, or adding plumbing to it. I know my strengths and those are not them. Am I willing to learn? Yeah....but will the motorhome forgive me?
Fav snack while at the Airbnb.

Encanto Park was divine!
It's funny how it can seem as if you are taking a step back. We (I) have felt that  a few times over the course of our search. In the end nothing we have done has been for naught. Meeting nice people and learning about the journey they are on has helped me realize something. Many think that people who have lived different existences cannot be civil, share a laugh, and bond over something have it wrong. This something is the desire to take on a lifestyle that might not fit others but still works for them. No matter if it is a retired couple, a truck driver, a mechanic, a family of four, or a single person looking to control their debt while living a lifestyle that makes their heart happy. Somewhere we can find a commonality.

Saguros....I LOVE you!
We checked out a few cities/towns while in Arizona. Parks, walks, and food are our constants. If we look for places to spend time among nature we feel more connected to the area...we are in that moment. We stayed in Phoenix and visited Mesa, Tucson, Tempe, and Kingman. We actually visited Kingman on our way and a week later on the way back to Nevada. What made us do that? In n Out is the culprit (if a place that makes yummy food can be a culprit). Soon you might find me blogging from the Oregon area or somewhere in California. It will depend on where the next listing takes us. Until then, check out the video/slideshow from our drive to and from Phoenix.

Video from the trip:

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