Monday, October 10, 2016

The Village Needed....

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Sitting here drinking my morning coffee and thinking about the fact that my family has been through some tough trials in recent years. Some (most) of it being out of our control. A couple of surgeries, hospital visits, countess doctor's appointments, mental health issues, and seeing the toll a bad school situation took on our children. All of these things are part (not all) of the reason we decided that the way we were living was not working for us. I have met and/or read about parents who came to the same conclusion earlier. I believe it happens for each of us when it is meant to. 

Looking at things through rose colored glasses found them charred and scratched to a point in which I could no longer see through them. So I decided to take them off and see the world for what it really is, and what this has done to our hearts and souls. A place that is broken in so many ways. However I believe that Human Beings can change it for the better if they embrace an approach of community, compassion, and good will. So today's poem is coming from a place of reflection. Let's see what happens.

The Village Needed-

The view I see has changed
With many walking around with no face
And no name
Sauntering around aimlessly
As if they are all lost in a dream                                            
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I yell down and ask 
"Do you know my name?"
The answer that came back
Was more of the same
Then a hand touched my shoulder
And whispered to me
I turned around to see
Just WHO had won the game
The game of life
Where there's a singular goal
To figure out how
We can reclaim our souls
I was surprised when I realized
That person is me
Quickly I awoke 
Still remembering the dream
I now knew the answer 
To figuring out the lie
We've all been told
Through many lullabies
In order to make our world a better place
We need to fact check our hearts
Patching up the numerous holes
I will gently stitch up yours
If you will do the same to mine
One by one we will seek out the others
And live no longer blind 
Grasping for breath
Larger and larger numbers
Til the amount has surpassed
Even our expectations
The whole outnumbering the wounded
Being the VILLAGE we ALL needed
To save this civilization
                                      ~ Kat L. Wilson

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