Sunday, October 30, 2016

Our visit to The Downtown Container Park- Las Vegas, Nevada

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One of my favorite t-shirts!
Thought I would take the time to write a quick (well maybe not quick)  blog about our family outing yesterday. We were able to see repurposed material in action and take in a part of older Las Vegas.

This is what greeted us at the
entrance. Pretty cool right....!
Both Josh and I are into leaving a small footprint wherever we go. We want to live a life full of adventures which include good food, great hikes, learning about new things, and raising our children to be aware of their affect on the world around them.

Shipping containers definitely fit the bill in regard to taking something that someone wants to dispose of (a challenge owners of containers face) and changing it into a simple yet smart building material. In Las Vegas they have built a little piece of heaven called The Downtown Container Park located at 707 E. Fremont St. The designer of the entire place was Breslin Builders. It is a retail-performance-food bubble. You can find anything from locally made jewelry/accessories, mosaic portraits, men's clothing, toys, candles, all the way to soaps that smell divine.
The back end of this glorious
piece of art!

This is one fancy heel...
The first store we went into was full of various accessories and art from local artisans. Whenever you can buy something from an artist that resides in the area you are not only helping them earn a living while doing what they love but helping an area to thrive. The store is ART BOX LAS VEGAS. They are a 'boutique with unique items from local artists and crafters'. If you decide to pop in when visiting you will not be disappointed. They have something for every one. I met one of the owners (Tom) and he was friendly and approachable. Sometimes when you visit somewhere that is outside the box (a niche) you might run across those who act as if they are doing you a favor because of their 'specialness'. This WAS NOT the case, and I would visit again in a heartbeat.

Their website is:

Vixen above....
After leaving the store we headed toward the stage area (loctaed toward the back of the main entrance). There were some adorable kiddos dancing with ghoul/undead make-up on. They did several routines to different songs including 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson. I love seeing preteens expressing themselves through dance. The crowd seemed to really like them too.
I always wonder if others look up and
see what i see.

While waiting for Josh (who was still parking the car and meeting us there) we went into a shop that sells candles, plaques with various quotes, bath bombs, soaps, along with many other things. The name of the shop is Natural Earth. I spoke with the employee/owner(?) of whom I forgot her name (color me mortified!) and she told me that they sell items from local artists along with handmade products from other artisans throughout the U.S. She is from Germany and was also very welcoming. If you like items that have a wonderful smell without being overpowering this is the place.
don't tell mama what?

Their wedsite is: 

Someone actually had a heart attack here!
We hopped into a toy store when Josh arrived along with checking out various seating areas. We LOVE what they've done. If and/or when we decide to build a tiny house repurposing shipping containers is the way we'll go. Seeing their final result proved it.

Gotta love this!
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