Sunday, October 2, 2016

Lesson Learned This Week....Get an Inspection!

Hello Luvs,

Boy oh Boy have things been up and down in the last few days. If you've read my last few blogs you know that we thought we'd found an Airstream that we wanted to buy and use it as our tiny house on wheels. The exterior design was TO DIE FOR! The pictures of the inside also left our hearts aflutter. What happened after quickly deflated our heart/bubble.

That brings me to what happened. I am not a take chances sort of person. The Hubster was until he became a father. There are certain things you cannot leave to chance. Because of the condition (or at least what we thought it was) we were set to travel to where the owner lived, pick it up, and continue on our family adventure. One thing that was repeated over and over on the forums we both read was that we needed an inspection. The question was whether or not to have it done when we got there or have someone do it before. I should clarify. We were ending our stay in Summerlin and had an open schedule. Driving there and taking care of the inspection then having a tow dolly added to tow the Prius was something we had time to do.

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LUCKILY we called to have someone inspect it versus us making the trek first. The seller recommended a few local mechanics we could use. We decided to go with ones that had a specialty in either Airstreams or RVs. The first place was swamped and gave us the info for another inspector. That inspector was swamped also and could not inspect it within our time frame.  Next came the third and final one. They are a bigger organization and had someone available to go the next day. Finally we could move forward.

The inspector called the night before to ask if there was anything specific we wanted her to look at. Hubster asked her to do a complete inspection (look over everything). She arrived there at 10 a.m. and was there til 5 p.m. (minus a lunch break). Then she had to write up the report that took about 2 more on top of that. She was very thorough. We are beyond grateful that she did. Even if she hadn't she would probably have arrived at the same conclusion. The RV was not usable. There was a multitude of things that did not work, were rusted through, missing, and ultimately making the RV unsafe. This RV is priced at $40,000, and would have taken an additional $50,000 to make it safe and able to use. Bottom line...we were NOT going to buy it.

The price of $345 was worth it to not get a lemon. Most places (like the first one we called) charge that for just the engine. We would have been kicking ourselves for traveling there. Not sure if the owner knows the extent of the problems. brought to mind the phrase 'Putting lipstick on a pig'.

So, what to do next? We headed to the Phoenix, AZ area where RVs are aplenty. You're wondering where all the cloud pictures are from. These lovelies are from the drive from Nevada to Arizina. I could not decide out of the dozens which 6-8 I would use. Aren't you lucky duckies! Cloud overload.....! 

The last two days have been full of looking at buses and visiting an RV dealership (so NOT our bag!). The bus today was our favorite of the two. The bones are solid and the seller has put a lot into it. It comes with a solar panel, new tires, new generator, and a bathroom that is considerably larger than most. We would need to have a few things done. With the price even before any negotiation we could easily do them and still fall below budget (I know...famous last words!). Of course we will still have it inspected no matter how much we like it. If we do buy it I will start doing short scopes to let you see the process. Almost there!
At least I had my parasol to shield me from the AZ sun!
To ensure we make the best decision, tomorrow we will be looking at two Airstream Land Yachts. If we fall in love with one of those...we will STILL have it inspected. It might seem like a lot of money, but it is worth it not to be out of a five figured amount. I'm learning......! SLooooowwwly....

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  1. Wow! Possible disaster averted, good for you! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure would seem to apply here, huh? A lesson for all.

    1. Hi There Kathleen!
      Yep....we are glad that we did it. Interesting enough the owner gave some push back about the inspection (but was saying that he would replace lots of things to still have the deal. We looked at another one today that we like. Still an Airstream but a land yacht instead. Thinking about the couch that converts into bunk beds. Any suggestions on how to get them to ask me to partner with me?
      Oh, and as always, thanks for your feedback and supporting the blog. I appreciate you!