Monday, October 24, 2016

Latest Lesson on RV Buying and Our Roadtrip Sing-a-long!

Hello Luvs,

I hope all is well with you all.... Thought I'd take a moment to catch you up. We are in Lake Tahoe until Wednesday. The Hubster found us a great deal not to far from one of the places he lived along with the resort he gave snowboard lessons. I think that I am about a day behind, so I will share pictures from today with you tomorrow. 
I named these my sherbet mountains...

Before then I wanted to share something wild thing that happened today. Last night I was checking the Airstream Classifieds for any recent listings. I came across one that is located about an hour away from where we are now. The seller had it listed as 'excellent'. The length was perfect along with being about ten years newer then the ones we had looked at and loved. We could not believe it! Was it a meant to be thing? Coming across one so close to where we are seemed like destiny. Little did we know that the actual RV had more than two issues (as the listing mentioned). The more time we were there the more things the seller kept telling us about. At the end of the day we realized that we must reserve excitement. The truth is that a seller can spin things to get interest. For ended up making it a no for us. It was a learning lesson because now we know that we would rather drive further and get something more reliable and accurately priced (yeah, his was waaaayyyy overpriced! Early next week we will be looking at a couple in another state.
My polka dot  tennies
weew peeeerrrrrfectly  comfy!

Boy oh boy has this been a rollercoaster! We will figure this out. So happy that you are on this journey with us....! I have put together a roadtrip video. The link opens in another window. Hope you like it!

Sing-a-long with us!-

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