Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Just You and Me

Hello Luvs,

A rambling of my mind I thought I would share!

As in the past I've dreamed
The circumstance I see
Laid out before me
The reason left empty
Remains the scent of a pretense
Stubborn thoughts betray me
Darkness has it's place...yet we still illuminate this scene.
Of a time well crafted
Then edited again and again
No loss to believe
Because in the end
You can find the path we lost
Yet I remain on
Given away too much too easily
Mistake recognized then closed eyes
Once again defying destiny
I will stay on the course
For it has me tangled
Stuck with no air
Wrapped around my feet
Then around my hands
It has gagged me
Now it's your turn
To see, and believe
In me
For I am your rock
I am your thoughts and prayers
So tell me
In times of loss
And times of gain
Waving back at us
Pulling our load
With the power we hold
Just YOU...and ME
                            ~Kat L.Wilson
These feet on a journey of dreams...

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Til next time,


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