Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How to Get the MOST from Your Airbnb Experience

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I have a teenager!
I am actually writing this a day early (can you believe it?!?) because we will be traveling during the day and I would like to make sure I am touching base. I have been coached to write blogs and schedule them for a later date. Because I am not the type of person who adheres to a 'must be done now' or 'everything has it's place' person I find myself feeling outside the bubble. In all honesty I kind of like it that way. Oftentimes I am not sure what I want to write about ten minutes before sitting down. So this is a bit new to me.

There are two quick things I wanted to talk to you about. The first is finding a way to get your moneys worth out of the Airbnb you book. Most times when we are looking for a place we take location and nearby trail systems. Because we like to stay active (homeschooling p.e. often includes walks/hikes) this is pretty important. Some host will actually include the nearby places you might like if you have a family or not. I would check each listing to see if they include that. If you really like the listing and are curious you can contact the host. We have found that they are more than willing to let you know.

Hey....wait for me!

Another way to save is booking closer to when you need the place. This depends on your comfort zone. A lot of times the host is willing to work with you on price if it has not been booked yet. You 
This rock acted like a seesaw....
can reach out to them to see if they might entertain an amount that fits your budget. If you are planning to stay for a week or a month most offer discounts. That still should not deter you asking. The most they can do is say no or come back with another amount (which might be what you were trying for to begin with. For example, you are planning to stay for a week and the place would be $749 total price which includes the cleaning and Airbnb fees. You can reach out to the host and see if they are willing to accept $600. If the host offers 15% off for a month and the total is $650 you could offer $550-575. You might find that the host just doesn't answer, accepts the offer, or comes back with an amount somewhere in the middle. This strategy might be uncomfortable for some. If it is then ask if they have any deals going on. Once again, they could say no....but, on the other hand, they might want it booked and make an exception.
When you looked up....oh my!
Josh found this incredible
piece of moss.
Now back to what I mentioned about location. We really try not to do the tourist thing when visiting a different area. Josh reaches out through reddit and most of the time the advice is stellar. For the Airbnb we just left, we scored again. Not only was it close to the areas we wanted to visit, but it was less because it was just outside (we usually find that to be the just out of town!). When we arrived we noticed that there was a trail that started right behind the townhome. It turned out to be the Thomas Memorial Trail (TMT). It is well maintained and has tree cover for most of it (at least for the hout we were out there). We loved the trees, size of the pinecones, moss, and clouds above. To have it just outside our door was a total score!!!! Hey....I rhymed!
Hum....anyone ever cut down
one of these?
The various stages of cloud cover
while we were out.

How would I rate the TMT?

Rated 1-5 (with 1 being the lowest)

Convenience- 5+ Come on...right outside our door!
Staff- N/A It is a self-led trail.
Trail- 5 It is wheelchair/stroller accessible. There is also a decent amount of incline and decline. As we walked around we noticed that they do a lot of tree maintenance.
Kid friendly- 5 Myles was able to climb rocks easily and it felt safe for him to do so. The line of sight was great also just in case they were a bit ahead.                

My rock jumper having a blast.
Named this my lemon-lime
tree. It was two trees that
looked like one from this angle.

I would highly recommend booking (in the off season for the best price) in Northstar. The community is quiet, and we found people both her and in Truckee to be very friendly.

From beginning to end...

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*Update on my Airbnb issue. Both Josh and I spoke with the same phone agent, and he removed all of the reviews. Turns out that the host broke Airbnb policy with what he said. We knew that what he did was not kosher and it turns out that Airbnb agrees. If you find yourself in either an uncomfortable situation or feel something is not right you should reach out to the host and try find a way to rectify it between you. If it turns out that the host is the issue then reach out to Airbnb. By the way....this goes for hosts who have an issue with a guest.


  1. Looks like you had a a fabulous time and a great Airbnb experience...Nice! The photos are beautiful and that neon green moss...very cool!

    1. We did! It definitely gave us insight into why Josh loves it so much. When leaving we drove with the lake on my side and I was in awe. Addressing the treatment of our planet is so necessary. We noticed how this large body of water is lowering in level. Future generations should have the pleasure and joy of seeing it in all it's glory. As always....I appreciate your feedback!