Saturday, October 22, 2016

Early Voting...then Roadtrip!

Hello Luvs,

I was up and at 'em early this morning. I think that maybe...just maybe...I am both anxious and nervous combined with a ton of excitement rolled into one very tired ball. It's a new day greeted with the beautiful morning sky and early voting!
These shadows are made for travelin'
And that's just what they'll do
One of these days these shadows
Are gonna travel close to you!

Last night I decided to respond to the Airbnb review with a detailed account of our experience. Airbnb will not remove, edit, or adjust a review so the only option is to leave a response. If you ever find yourself in the same situation make sure to flag the review BEFORE leaving your response. If you wait til after you will end up flagging your own instead of theirs. Hopefully the hosts' review will be negated once others read my response. I guess only time will tell. Oh, and a weird thing about the review was that it went on the Hubster's profile too. This happened even though he did not book it, and the host did not mention his name. It went on simply because I had invited him. Not too sure we like that.
When we arrived (early) the line was
long and the sun beat down on us.
Parasol to the rescue....!

So, it looks as if we have a slight change to our destination. Instead to booking in Lake Tahoe (did I mention that that is where we were going?) we are staying outside of Reno. This helps with the cost of the booking and makes it easy for to pop into Reno and drive to Lake Tahoe. Had not seen the listing, but I trust the Hubster's judgement. He did a most excellent job.

I was hoping that we would find decent stations, so I can do a roadtrip video of us singing our hearts out. It's been a while since I've done one. Now that the van has a home with another family I wasn't driving. That allowed ease for recording the landscape and turning to different stations on the regular. We also had cds that we brought along. Hopefully I will post about it tomorrow. Keep checking in!
My beautiful Baby Girl kat napping....

While you are waiting on it please take a moment to read the latest blogs. Also, my sidebar should be more dialed in. Those of you that were unable to follow me in the past should be able to do so now. YAY!

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