Friday, October 21, 2016

Airbnb Review, Family Fieldtrip, and Next Family Destination.....

Hello Luvs,

I thought I would check in before we make our trek to another state. Tomorrow we will be driving to Colorado. The Hubster wants to show us the area he lived in while he was a snowboard instructor and worked at a restaurant. We've heard a few times about when he was snowed in and lived off of one pizza, avocados, and lemons for days. Ok, we might have heard it more than that....but clearly it means a lot to him. The least we can do is see just where he feels will change our lives once we see it. Needless to say, I will be sharing pictures.
Hoped to see these while there.
No luck....
Unisex parasol to the rescue!
Before then I wanted to share an interesting experience we had today regarding our stay last week at an Airbnb in Arizona. When we walked in we loved the way it was decorated. The host said his wife was responsible for what was there. Within an hour or so of being there we noticed several areas that were either not cleaned (kitchen, bathroom, and second bedroom) or not cleaned very well. I reached out to the host since I booked the stay instead of the Hubster. One of the really serious things we dealt with was the smell of sewage. We thought it was a fluke. Little did we know (at about the third day mark) that it would be a continuing issue. To get the smell to go away you had to run the washing machine. The host knew to do this, so we are pretty sure that the problem has been going on for a while. 
We LUV our bridges...
So do the kiddos!
When the host came over the second day (before the sewer disaster) he thanked us for the issues we pointed out and tried to replace the remote for the ceiling fan in the living room. Because the remote did not work we did not have use of it throughout the stay. Yes, there was a secondary light, but it was further away and did not help with cycling out the sewage smell. Why did we not leave? It was not until halfway through our stay that we knew there was such a serious problem. Also, the running of the machine seemed to address the problem which then happened again the next day. Being an environmentally conscious family running the machine (and using so much water) just felt bad. Trying to find a place (under $150 a day) for the dates was even harder. Oh, and the hotels in the area did not allow dogs.
and herons...!

There were egrets...

I'm mentioning this place because the owner left a terrible review about me. He came into the house, smiled, showed empathy about the issues, and thanked us for letting him know. He said that he would want to know about ANY problems. We were cordial and thanked him multiple times for not only trying to fix it but for bringing muffins and a dog biscuit for Goldie. Little did we know that he would blame us BECAUSE we let him know. To make matters worse....I left a review that was not scathing but leaned on the more positive. I did not want to affect his future bookings. The last communication he sent stated that he was going to go in and rectify the issues. 
The view was stunning!

**Side note- I fixed the bathroom sink which took twenty minutes. It was the cap of a hair dye bottle that had been dropped in backwards. I did not have to do that...but I did not want to call again and just did it myself. To say that I was ungrateful after doing that really angers and saddens me!

This is the first time when we decided to work with someone and struggle through the experience and have a host turn it against us. In the past we would either work through the issues because they would address it promptly which allowed us to enjoy the rest of our stay, or we would cancel the booking on both sides. When we ended up canceling we evaluated the situation and tried to make it work if we could. Unfortunately two had safety issues. in that case we cannot not stay. Right now we are on the plus side regarding our experiences. We have been using Airbnbs since February. Anyone is bound to run into a dud at one point.
We visited the big horned
goats again.
Might have been the elder of the group.
Look at those horns!

Luckily...we have more than one option for an rv and are considering HOSTING one! I will fill you in when we make a decision. We thought we would have made a decision by now....movin' like molasses we are! 

Until then, enjoy the pictures taken while visiting the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve and the Hemenway Park in Boulder City placed throughout the blog.

Til next time,


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