Monday, October 24, 2016

Family Trek around Lake Tahoe!

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Seeing the beauty of fall rear
it's head led to------->

I told you a little bit about our morning yesterday and how we had yet another RV disappointment. We know that things happen when they're meant to and forcing them gets you into a situation best left avoided...yep! We also imagine that there was a lesson somewhere deep down in there. Might be hard to find, but it is somewhere to be found.....just kidding! Yesterday taught us once again that the RVs we'll look at next week could be a better fit for us and give us a little more piece of mind.
My eyes nearly popping out of
my head!
We thought that it would be a lost day but it wasn't! We took the kids on a drive around Lake Tahoe. The Hubster lived in a few different areas and one was South Tahoe. It was funny seeing a casino built right inside the Nevada border and Cal-Neva signs all around. Lake Tahoe is split between the two states (didn't know that!).

Because there were so many great pictures I decided to to do yet another slideshow. If you don't care for slideshows I regret to tell ya that there WILL BE MORE! It is hard for me to decide sometimes. Being a novice photographer I want to capture both the posed and organic. Where we are right now has been great for that.

Overlooking the Tea Island...

One of the places we visited was Emerald Bay. There is an island that is right in the middle. The Hubster told me that a very wealthy woman had rocks brought over to the island which still remained after glaciers in that area went away. With those rocks they built a castle. She held tea parties for her and her friends a couple of times a year. I KID YOU NOT! It is a sight to behold.

Could you just imagine....!
During our drive we stopped a few of times and walked down closer to the Lake. Unfortunately the Hubster noticed that the water level is visibly lower than when he lived in the area. They must have had a drought. When people deny global warming I want to shake them and force them to look into my eyes and explain why they think all these things are happening. Why do people with freewill consciously decide not to adjust their habits so future generations have a planet to inhabit? Walking around in denial is not the answer. Some argue that it is not too late. To that, I say, let's have a talk! If this village of Humanity decides to work together and change some minds we can accomplish great things. 
It was just a tad windy...!
In so many ways we have seen behavior that is destructive in the worst way possible. Tears and pounding fists on our tables will not change this. Seeing this glorious place firsthand reminds me that it is OUR responsibility to ensure that it is around for others to see. It is greedy and just plain wrong to think just of ourselves....we are Humanity and HUMANITY does not stop with us!

Parting video that show just how windy it was while we were out yesterday. It made my camera look like it was about to pass out! 

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