Friday, October 28, 2016

Coming Down from Our Lake Tahoe Visit...

Hello Luvs,

Well....Tahoe was a blast and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. Pretty sure ya got the idea from the crazy amount of pictures and posts about it. Josh and I thought about moving there in the past. If you are new to reading the blog you probably do not know how much of a wimp this kat is! I dress for 30 degree weather when it is 50. The visit found me being a little more comfortable with the weather...might have something to do with the fact that it hadn't really reached a cold snap. Whew! Oh boy am I glad that it didn't.
Saying goodbye to Lake Tahoe and
these glorious trees was hard!

In regard to an update on our search. We are on a never-ending circle of decision making. There have been a few Airstream Excellas for sale, and most of them are about 1,800-2,000 miles away. Josh thinks that it might be because they were manufactured around that area. Whatever the reason...taking on such a long drive after the last one is a little much for us (and the kids) to tackle right now. We went back onto the various websites and found a few that are close to our current location. Do you remember when I shared that we wanted to try not to force ourselves to buy something when we should hold off? We find ourselves in that predicament. Maybe we are not meant to buy an Airstream? 
Goldie's fav positions- in Daddy's arm,
in her bed on my lap, and making sure
no one was swallowed up by the store.
The main reason for wanting to get in one fairly soon is that both Josh and Jalen really want a spot to call their own. Packing and unpacking constantly can be tiring. I am not saying traveling to different places is the problem. Once we have our tiny home on wheels (RV) we will still flutter and explore. However, at the end of the day we will be coming back to our RV to settle in and recharge. When putting it that way...I think I am starting to feel the same way. Placing your head on YOUR OWN pillow and sleeping in your own bed at night is huge. Also, the joy of having a few of your things in their place is also a benefit of having one.
Summerlin Library Branch...

Reached out to a gentleman about getting additional pictures of his RV. He said I should receive them sometime today. If we like it....we'll drive (the Hubster of course!), inspect, and negotiate the price. Of course I'll share with you during the process. Hopefully you are not holding your breath waiting for me to do a periscope?!? I will when I think it is time and I get the itch. If you would like me to start sooner leave your comment (interest) below. Maybe that will establish an even better flow of sharing.
Some of the wild horses and an elk that
roam around the Cold Creek area.

Throughout the blog I have placed various collages of what we've (including Princess Goldie) done over the last couple of days which includes a visit to another library in the Clark County Library System.. Hope you like 'em!
Left or Right the glorious sunset
called to me.
Til next time,


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