Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Chuggin' Along, Singin' Our Song, Side by Side!

Hello Luvs,

Don't forget your snacks
and water....!
I hope that your week is going swimmingly! Right not ours is chugging along. We have made some decisions and hopefully within the next day or so I will tell ya about it. Remember....I do not want to jinx it. It seems that if I let it out without a conclusion it steers sideways. Staying focused and knowing what will work for us has been one of two roads (a dead end or a steep s-curve). I'm sure that many of you know what I speak of.

Until then I wanted to share with you the trip we took yesterday. We started by driving to Pahrump (about 1.5 hours from Summerlin). We drove through and decided that we would look for somewhere to hike on the way back. The way we took circles around Red Rock. If you did not read the blog about how amazing R.R. is just click here: https://www.vegas.com/attractions/off-the-strip/red-rock-canyon/
View walking up to the building.
This is the motif all around the area.
The drive exposed us to rock formations which showed signs of previously being underwater. On the trail we walked one of the signs mentioned that as recent as 10,000 years ago. The Hubster decided to turn left onto a road that seemed to lead somewhere closer to the mountain. Oh far? We weren't sure, but being open to something new offers an opportunity for more experiences. Sometimes it is a dead end, and other times you discover something magical. For us....it was the latter.

How beautiful is this?!?!

After driving about five minutes we came upon a visitor's center for the Desert National Wildlife Refuge. There were only a few cars there, so we figured that the center was not open. To find out their hours and the programs they offer just click here: https://www.fws.gov/refuge/desert/

Once I stepped onto their sidewalk I knew it was going to be something wonderful. It is highlighted by wavy mosaic sections in blue. There is a covered area with cement benches. and a large mosaic circle with N, S, E, W labels. Since their trails were open we decided to check them out. Oh boy are we glad we did. Two of the trails we took are labeled Coyote and Big Ben. There are covered seating areas (we were impressed by how nice they were!) and the path is a combination road/rock. It was ideal for walking/hiking because you have some footing and texture to make the trek comfortable. It also makes it wheelchair accessible.
The mosaic circle w/ N,S,E,W...
It had irridescent tile!
While on the trails we came across an aquarium for an endangered fish, crawfish, coyote scat, art installations, quail, a pomegranate tree, and many other things. We ran into two groups of people and everyone was in such a great space. Not surprised because it does the same for my family. One of the groups told us that they were able to park inside the personnel area because they volunteer. They need folks to help around the center and with maintenance of the trails (just to name a couple). If you live in or plan to visit reach out and see how you can help. Click here to learn more: https://www.fws.gov/refuge/Desert/what_we_do/get_involved.html

Art in Nature..

Nature as Art...
Research now shows that being out in nature is cleansing. You actually bathe yourself by exposure to it. To learn more about the benefits just click the link to an article from the New York Times: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/07/22/how-nature-changes-the-brain/?_r=0

We took our time and stayed until it started to cool down. The views that we observed as the sun started to go down were breathtaking. At the end...the Hubster was commended on his way of finding free activities/trails that are to the benefit of all of us. The area was a welcome excursion and we will definitely go back again.

In love with shadows!
A places to observe birds
and the fish.

Pictures of our visit are throughout the blog. Thanks for popping by! 

Now the rating for D.N.W.R.?

Rated 1-5 (with 1 being the lowest)

Convenience- 5 The drive was pretty easy. There is a good amount of parking spaces.
Staff- N/A The center was not open.
Trails- 5 Wheelchair/stroller accessible with lots of seating areas...along with clear markers.
Kid friendly- 5 Lots of places for the kids to explore and learn about not only the animals that thrive in the area, but what is being done to help the ones that are not.

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Til next time,


A building used for storage and teaching.

Just a boy and a building.


Several birds landed in this tree while we were there.

Felt something watching me.....
statue of a coyote!

Crawfish found in a stream....preety cool!

Oh My...the view!

We were told that we could
bring a few home. YAY!