Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekend Progress.....!

Hello Luvs,

Luving my new parasol!
Well, we are finally feeling a little more settled in. Over the weekend we had goals set. How did we do?

-Go through items in van...especially Baby Boy's items done!
-Donate items that cannot be sold done!
-Give Goldie a bath done!
-Go by Buffalo Exchange and sell some items done!
-Find next place to book through later in the year thought we had it done but host booked someone else....even though the Hubster said we wanted to continue through the end of the year BUMMER!
-Get much needed new shoes for the Hubster, Baby Girl, and Baby Boy done! Side note: You know I didn't need new ones! ;-)
-Dinner out to celebrate our arrival done!

This $5 dress is
always comfy
and stylish!
A gift from a friend!
Some of these items might seem like quick tasks but they each have a life of their own. Taking care of things sooner allows you to take a deep breath and enjoy your time in a new locale. Many feel the tendency to push it off (thinking oh, we have time). I know from experience that tackling things right away helps to make sure nothing it lost. You can also gauge what you need for your next step. Thinking of periscoping today while I do a search for our tiny home on wheels. Would you like that? If so, make sure you are following me on twitter or a friend on facebook. I will send out a message just before. All you need to do is click the icon on the right. If you can't join me then please take a peek when you can. 
Adorable mural we came across.
It was on the side of a grower's market.

Lime-Basil, Mango, and
Lemon floral sorbet....YUM!
Chocolate, chocolate hazelnut
and tiramisu floral gelato

Until then, take a gander at pictures from our family time yesterday....

Score from Buffalo Exchange...$18 well traded!

Til next time,


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