Sunday, September 18, 2016

Trip to Clark County Wetlands Park Nature Preserve & Wildlife Habitat!

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The entrance into the Park.
Heading into the Center.
Whew....! That is a mouthful! I have another great place to share with you. It is free admittance , and we were so pleasantly surprised by what it offers. Let's start with the name. It says a lot and gives anyone who reads it some expectations. Since it is located less than a half hour from our Airbnb we decided that today would be a good day. We knew it would be mid-nineties, however it was closer to 100 degrees! So glad that we brought my parasol and a large golf umbrella.

Isn't this lovely...the design is sublime.
Serious mountain behind me!
Through our travels we have visited many National Parks, Museums, and family oriented places. Many have been free, low cost, and somewhere in the middle in regard to cost. Because of the way we are traveling while living off of one income utilizing free opportunities for schooling the children is on the top of the list. The Hubster came across the Park while doing research on this end. It is highly rated, so it was a no brainer.
One of the beautiful plaques.

Armed with our parasol/umbrella, snacks, and water we made our way. From the very beginning we noticed how hidden in plain site it was. There is an incredible variety of green that greets you at the entrance and throughout the trail. We spotted the welcome center and walked along the path to check it out. Before entering I noticed the metal artwork and plaques honoring people's deceased relatives. There was a cafe to the left with lots of tvs (or maybe monitors) showing different videos of park events and additional info on what it offers.
Ever wonder what a fly and mouse see?

Once inside we were greeted by very friendly staff members who gave us literature about more FREE activities that we could take advantage of (which happen during the week)! As I reach out to the local homeschool parents it will be interesting to see if they know about this Park. Providing so many options for children and parents is invaluable!
Flashbacks to my youth.
with bats diving down
onto my hair....

As we rounded the corner of the information desk we found so many different hands-on items that both my 10 and 13 year old enjoyed. Below is just some of what we saw.
This cracked me up!

Scented hoses that encourage you to guess what it is (warning...some are a whollatta stinky!) you smell
Different animals, insects, and even a nest that the kiddos can sit on and in
Puzzles that make animal noises once you put them together
A large installation with just a portion of the animal, insect, or bird (etc.) and you guess which one it is
Water activity that gives you a bit of history of how water is managed in the area
Telescope attached to a nest that allows you to look closer at eggs 

And there is SO MUCH MORE! 

Isn't this adorbs!
Interactive video screen. Each time
you stop you watch an informative video.
Using a map provided we headed out for a tour along the path where we came across some of those stinky buses we smelled (yuckers!) in the Center, baby jackrabbits, ducks, damselflies, white water area, and more. The only thing I would recommend is that they install some simple structures that offer a reprieve from the heat in areas where the vegetation is not very tall.

My rating for this excursion is below: Rated 1-5 (with 1 being the lowest)

This view out every window....DREAMY!
Convenience- 5 The Park was easy to find with signs directing you when you are a few turns away
Cost- 5 FREE!!!!!!
Staff- 5 Answered all of our questions and provided a ton of info regarding the Park
walking down the path
toward birds.
Trails (maintenance and ease) 4.5- Not enough shade provided
Kid-friendly- 5 There were so many items that are hands on and are age appropriate. Never mind the fact that the trails are amazing

If and/or when you pass through I highly recommend visiting. I should also mention that it is a green building! Blue jean for insulation, slanted windows that reflect the ground (not the sky!) which saves the lives of many birds, and 90% of the building if illuminated by natural light. To learn more about this amazing place just go to the following link:
Please enjoy the pictures and video provided. If you have ANY questions or suggestions please comment below.
This is crazy cool>>>

Loved reading/learning about this!
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Looking up was just as good.
These are .4 mile

Have LARGE umbrella will travel...

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