Saturday, September 3, 2016

The nightmare awaiting us....!

Hello Luvs,

Thought I would take a moment to touch base now since the day might get away from me. As you know (if you read the blog regularly), we have traveled back to North Carolina to finalize some things and pick up our van. This is where we have been storing items for the summer. Our friend allowed us to park it in her backyard. The Hubster had reservations about doing so, and it turns out that his doubts were well founded.
So many await at a time WE WILL complete them!
*Image courtesy of The Computer Project Line-Home.

We are appreciative of our friend allowing us to store the van at her home, but the location was not ideal. We saved money in the short term, however it will probably cost us with the items lost. Being in the back corner left the close to where the trees overhang and the grass is thick. Part of the reason we moved away was the environment and how it caused the family to suffer from allergies. Having to take allergy pills everyday was part of my life (up until a month ago). If something is either not sealed correctly or placed where moisture is off kilter mold grows like weeds (maybe even faster!)

So you have probably guessed by now what awaited us in the van. In order to move it to another location and thin down items the Hubster had to drive it. I picked up the temporary (10 day) plate which allows us to drive it and have an inspection done once when we arrive at our next destination. What he found was white mold. Mold all over everything....needless to say, that is our first project for the day. When I say 'our' it is really him. He is sensitive to mold, but I am 10 times more likely to have an attack from it. To give you an idea of the type of man I married I will tell you that when I woke up he was already gone. He went to wash the outside and buy vinegar to clean the inside. Will we be able to salvage it....we will know after it is done (still out working on it).

What does it tell us about looking a gift horse in the mouth? What a saying that is! I suppose we should have gone with our initial plan. We would rent a closet sized storage unit and sell the van. Hindsight is 20/20....but next time we should remember what happened, find a day to gracefully back out, and go with our (rather his) gut. This ended up being something that makes a short few days even more chaotic.

I am off now to go through items removed from the van. Hopefully there are some items I can rescue.

Til next time,


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  1. Oh no! I hope you are able to salvage something.....

    1. Hello Lovely Lady,
      We were able to salvage quite a bit. In an hour we went through have of the items in the van. We will donate, throw away, or keep then. Had to take a break. The Hubster is going to go and pick up masks. That should help a ton.
      As always...thanks for reading and checking in...!

  2. I thought I would try and start commenting on your blog :-)
    Hope everything works out with the van and you guys won't have to replace too much, no one needs any added expenses when they are on a budget.
    I like your new blog name also...

    1. Hey There Fellow Musician (bass looks good on you!),
      We are going to clean the seats, surfaces, and carpet. We will see what it looks like after. Luckily we had a lot of the clothes that we wear often with us. I had to let go of a lot of vintage pieces. Have to remind myself that they are only things, and that there are even more goodies out there waiting for me to discover.
      I owe you a call by the way...! Hopefully I will have time this weekend.

    2. Oh, and thanks for the luv of thew new name...I think it suits me.
      Talk soon...