Thursday, September 29, 2016

Now You Have It!

Hello Luvs,

Poetry in a nutshell is a way of opening up and showing your vulnerability whether positive or negative. Naked and bared souls jotted down on paper, spoken out loud, or typed on a keyboard. To allow others to take a peek inside and witness a moment in which you falter yet grow. Putting yourself on display with one click....'send'. You keep the struggle at bay, because now it is out there whether others like it or not. Even while writing this and expressing possible downsides of opening up yourself I still feel as if it can be meditative...freeing...and therapeutic. Join me as I let go and remove the tint screen of reservation.

With the side glance you made
I still fell the hatred inside
Picking apart the choices I've made
On my own then paired with fate
I can easily remember the name
Bracing for the coming tide....
Of something I never wanted to play
Opted to sit on the sideline
Watching the years go by
Still my heart remains the same
Longing for promises later beaten down
Born out of rage
Rage not uncommon for someone like me
Who took in these hands my destiny
Meditating to calm this wandering mind
Then realizing that this may be the best kind
Of freedom no longer in a plastic bag
But instead put out with the garbage I had
No regrets for the passion I lit
Now you have it
So come and and embrace what I give

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Til next time,