Monday, September 26, 2016


Hello Luvs,

Very excited about where we are right now in terms of our RV decision. It has taken us a minute ( more than a minute) to really circle in on the type that suits us as a family. Should we do a tiny house on wheels (and be grounded in a certain locale for half the year), buy a more traditional RV (with something that most likely will not hold it's value and be made from materials that are questionable), or buy a bus (already converted or freshly stripped and starting with a clean slate)? Those were some big questions, and we kept going back and forth with what we wanted. When you can't make up your mind regarding just what you are looking for it can be daunting.

So, the Hubster and I went to various RV shops (can you tell I worked retail for a while?...I mean dealers) yesterday. It was our date night and we thought that we would take advantage of the time and go to a few places. He went online and checked ratings for the local dealers. There was one that received a high rating while the others were around 1's or 2's (out of 5). That made the choice easy and we popped by. When we started to look we did not see many that offered any potential. It might have been because they not have very many (used, right layout, price). The only one we had interest in had a hold on it. So glad it did! You will find out what I mean when you keep reading.
2004 Airstream Land Yacht  30
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We then went to the local Winnebago dealer and looked at a few. The rating they receive online is right on the money. There were salesmen walking right by us without as much as a hello. We decided after a few minutes walking around that we would go. As the car was started and we were ready to go one of the salesmen came up (who the only one occupied with a couple he was working with) and offered to show us some items. Our interaction with him was surreal. We learned about his injuries (he received while drunk) from a bird his mother owned and his home purchased that was bank-owned that supposedly had a Bentley hidden under some boxes in the garage. It was unprofessional to say the least, but shined a light on the fact that he has had some issue to work through. We listened as long as we could and had to rip ourselves from his cold dead hands to leave. To top things off he started going on about my attractiveness. It was uncomfortable and loudly signaled the get out of dodge alarm. 

After we left we started discussing the fact that going the traditional RV route was not us. We would pay a certain amount then have to adjust to a proper layout that worked. That brought us to the decision that we should buy a bus that was gutted and start from scratch. We could make the layout what we needed, work on some portions ourselves, and hire a professional for the things we could not do. Once we agreed we made our way to find something to eat. 

The first place no longer had the special that the Hubster wanted, and the one I was going to get did not use a very good cut of meat (the server told us this). Off we went to our second place. It was considerably busier than the first place. It was actually bustling! That was a good sign. After waiting to be seated the hostess who kept touching her face and nose (with the menus no less!) sat us. She gave us our menus...mine had an orange greasy substance all over it, and the Hubster's menu had a dark greasy substance all over it. We looked at each other and said yep....let's go.
I looks like a spaceship!!!!
This is a 1995 Airstream Classic 36 Diesel that was for sale on ebay.

Once we got to the car we giggled about what a disaster the date was. The backward then forward regarding the RVs and the issues at both restaurants. I told him that maybe this was happening because we just can't do a date night without the kiddos. We missed them, and knew that our meals out together exploring new foods is a highlight. We decided to grab chicken (plus sides) at a local restaurant that received high ratings. The kiddos loved it, and we enjoyed our meal all together.

There was one last change that happened last night. While searching for buses we kept coming across Airstream Land Yachts. Those in turn brought us to another model (the 300 Series). We are in love with both and FINALLY know what we are looking for!!! 

Now is the time when I'll start periscoping. We know the one we are looking for is waiting for us to discover it. Here's to the search....and the future that is now!

Til next time,



  1. That spaceship looking one has your name all over it!

    1. We actually just decided on one that we'll try to buy. It is shiny just like it, but red is the accent color. Fingers crossed for us that it works out. Will have to do another road trip if it checks out with a local mechanic. Thanks for are appreciated!