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The Always FREE Hiking Destination- Red Springs

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Clouds...clouds all
If you live in the Summerlin/Vegas area you probably know about Red Springs. It is not too far from Red Rock and just as beautiful if not more (in my humble opinion). It is even closer to our Airbnb by about 15 minutes. That made it a no-brainer when deciding where to go today. There is clear signage so it was easy to find.

Hubster and Baby Boy being silly and
 re-enacting a scene from 'Lion King'.
I had been there before years ago when the kiddos were little and the Hubster's father met us in Vegas. It was an opportunity to enjoy a new spot and get outside. I was struck immediately by the beauty of the mountains, how far off you can see, and the condition of the boardwalk that was arranged in a loop. That was back then. Today was a different story.

When we arrived we noticed a beautiful Cadillac in the parking area that had fuzzy pink dice hanging from the mirror. Our excitement must have been noticeable because a woman who had just finished hiking mentioned that an Elvis impersonator was further up and performing a wedding. We had no idea that they held weddings there. They let you schedule them here: 
Because I could not whittle down enough to fit in the blog I had to do another slideshow....forgive me.
Wait for me....!
Gotta Luv it!!!!
We drank our water and grabbed the necessaries and were on our way. The Hubster and I were married at The Little Chapel of the West (not far from the original Welcome to Las Vegas sign). It was small...just the way we wanted it. Watching what others had selected made all of us curious. Making our way up the boardwalk we started to hear music. As we got closer we knew it was 'Viva Las Vegas'. The wedding party was singing and dancing while it was being documented on film. All of us were kind of torn. This is/was a place where you communed with nature, Keeping sounds at a normal level and not over the top. They were excited because of their special occasion which was understandable. They probably schedule weddings there to raise revenue. So how do you keep it balanced...where groups can enjoy their time, and visitors can go about undisturbed? What do you think? Should someone go there...find out that their walk/hike will not be what they expected and come back even though they had to drive (sure others drove further than us) to get there?
One of the many areas we came across.
These have been there
too long!
                                                            What is wild is that the further we went the further in disrepair the boardwalk was. Broken railing, missing plank(s), actual open spots, and construction cones ripped to jagged edges were all along the way. To make things worse there are signs that ask visitors to keep the meadow in it's natural state by staying on the boardwalk. Not only did we observe two different groups doing a fashion shoot in the meadow (one right by the sign asking you not to), but the wedding party went well into it. One of the reasons I believe they ask us not to go there is because of the numerous living things that need a sustainable environment. We had one of the bunnies come right up to us. Pretty sure they are being fed by visitors. That in itself is deadly. They need to know how to survive through their natural instincts. They are picked off as it is. To have a false sense of security will end their lives sooner.
Kiddos thought my shirt matched.

If this cave could talk.

We can't be the only ones who feel that Humanity has become too 'me' focused. Taking care of our environment and the many wonders it houses is the responsibility of all of us. I know ya hear me! 

Now the rating for Red Springs.: Rated 1-5 (with 0 being the lowest)

Convenience- 5 We were able to reach the Center in fifteen minutes.
Price- 5 Free works for any budget. If we did pay we would have been upset.
Staff- N/A No staff was on-site.
Trails- 2 Both the boardwalk and trails need significant work/maintenance. 
Kid-friendly- 3.5 The loose rocks are challenging going up and down so attention has to be focused on where you step.                  
Nature has a way of recharging us all.

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