Tuesday, September 13, 2016

For The Love of Birds....!

Hello Luvs,
We were not prepared for this beauty
in the desert...

Weekly field trips have become part of our homeschooling schedule. I am still working out how to offer the best content and activities for Baby Girl and Boy. We've found (so far) that having the kiddos experience what is available in each area adds to the realization that each locale has the potential to teach them something different.

What a beautiful building
they built for the library!

I have yet to reach out to the homeschooling network in the area, but will before the end of the week. I'm sure they know of learning opportunities that my kiddos will grow from. Socialization is also a VERY big part of that. If you are reading this and are a home/roadschool parent that has advice for me...my ears are waiting to be bent. Because I will always be a student for life I realize that I may not be doing everything right. Having a sounding board who is and/or was going through establishing their routine and approach is invaluable. So, reach out to me people!

The sign before you enter.
Wondering where we went today? If you follow me on instagram/twitter (@katsmeoww11) or are one of my facebook friends (www.facebook.com/katsmeoww11) you probably saw a few pictures from today. If not, get on that please...it would be MUCH APPRECIATED!
The sign explains some of the
Preserves history.

Since I had to take the car into the local dealership in another city we decided to see what else the city had to offer. There are a few places that are priced low (or free) for children and young adults. We tend to check out the library in each area, while there I took that time to research the various places. It might seem weird that I did not have it structured, but I adjust on some days to focus on what other things might be going on. If something new comes up we let the kids decide. Libraries are a given, along with some type of museum. Today the offerings were three museums (railroad, one focused on the areas history, and the children's). My kiddos feel as if they are too big to go to a children's museum and were not interested in going to the Planetarium (which was a forth option). 
One of the pipes used to treat

Time to look for birds!
We ended up visiting the local Bird Viewing Preserve in Henderson. The history is pretty cool. The habitats for the birds were a side effect/result of the Waste Reclamation Facilities treatment of wastewater. Once that happened and birds started visiting the Preserve took shape. This was especailly true once the birders and nature lovers discovered it. To learn more about the Preserve please click on the following link: http://www.cityofhenderson.com/henderson-happenings/facilities/henderson-bird-viewing-preserve/henderson-bird-viewing-preserve-history

A good thing for us! Today was quite an unexpectedly wonderful trip. Even though the temperature was not as hot as the previous few days being in the sun took a bit of a toll. If you decide to visit they recommend wearing a hat and tennis shoes, along with bringing enough water. The typical time someone stays is an hour. Oh, and do not worry if you don't own binoculars. They have ones available for you to borrow. Fortunately there are shaded sections along several of the ponds. 

The best part of this spot is IT'S FREE! They do ask you to sign in with your name, where you're visiting from, and how many are in your party. I have a feeling that it has something to so with funding. Showing there's a benefit to the public most likely allows them to stay remain open while offering it for free to the public.
Hi dragonfly...!
Headed to the top of the

While we were there we saw lizards, various types of ducks, egrets,  dragonflies (blue, black, grey, and orange) and more. They have a sign that reads that you may run into jackrabbits, coyotes, bunnies, and turtles. The key is to take it slowly and keep your volume down. Do that and prepare yourself for lots of oohs and awws as you circle the various ponds.

How would I rate the experience? 1-5 (with 5 being the best)

Convenience- 5 Super easy to get to with plenty of parking and handicapped capable
Cost- 5 Can't get any better than free
Staff- 4.8 Friendly, informative, and ready to answer questions
Trails (maintenance and ease)- 5 paths were maintained and clean...they even have a two level lookout!
Kid-friendly- 5 they offer a booklet that identifies the birds and excitedly asked the kids what they saw
This cutie pie flew in and landed right before we left....

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