Friday, September 16, 2016

Art + Food Equals the PERFECT Family Night!

Hello Luvs,

Sun reflected....
When a clock is SO MUCH MORE
than a clock!
Wowzer...this week is flying by. Don't know about you, but finding new places (including libraries and restaurants) makes each day an opportunity to embrace what you love. So, what do you love? Is food your planning factor? Like me, do you stop in your tracks when something artistic is in your path? Are you able to have a certain amount of quality time to appreciate family before craving 'me' time? Or are you someone who thrives around others and enjoys sharing the positive and negative parts of their personality remembering that we ALL have faults? I would love to know! This world is full of so many magical things that grow and bloom right next to us. Are you aware of them or do you walk by?

What caught my eye on the way
into a place called 'Hidden Pizza'.
Throughout the are pictures from our family outing a couple of nights ago. We went on a hunt for a pizza place that is not advertised anywhere, has no sign or logo, and the only thing you know is the building (with retail shops and restaurants) it is housed in....which happens to be four stories. We found it after about 35 minutes. Whew.....!

Will be sharing video on instagram,
twitter, and facebook!
Also, there was a poem itching to come out. It will spring for the word 'Reflective'. Let's see how it turns out shall we?

View while waiting in line.


There is a light within
Too bright for the mind
To comprehend
There is a peace in the soul
Which serves to calm a wandering mind 
Not a dream
Laying dormant
And unseen
You are the spirit
A wall of album covers show
the way in and out.
Shining back
So rest your head
And recover from the journey
You've had
My shoulder will lend
A reprieve from the responsibility
You feel
For your strength of mind and will
Mirrors back the good inside

This white slice was slap
somebody good!
Til next time,


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