Tuesday, September 20, 2016

All You Need Is Art.....Art is ALL You Need!

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Today reminded me of the good that can be done when a person/organization/institution makes a choice. Yep, we did find another free excursion, but I wanted to share another wonderful thing we came across while going to see The Beatles Art Exhibit.

Can you find the Easter eggs?

Mind blissfully blown!
Sir George...
The Spring Valley Library (located about 20 minutes from our Airbnb) not only hosted the collection, but in addition looks out for it's own. They have a program where children from 0-18 can receive three square meals from 3:30-4:30 Monday thru Thursday. On our way to see the paintings we kept seeing parents and children go into a room next to where the art was hung. Then I saw the sign advertising what was going on. -------->>>>>

To see such a wonderful community program housed at a LIBRARY....WHAT! That makes the heart jump from the chest! Then to observe (at a distance) the kids eating their meals and socializing, to me, took away any stigma. There were those who were making sure that their children had the fuel to carry them through their school days. The students would not be able to concentrate because being hungry was not at the forefront of their mind.
Tell me which work this
is on???

And at once my mind was
I remember like yesterday the struggles I went through in my youth. Not having enough food on my plate (for at least half of the month) and occasionally receiving $.35 to buy something for lunch. Many times it ended up being a cherry cinnamon roll 2 pack (which of course had no nutritional value). Of course we did qualified for assistance. Once we had it I did occasionally used it. The physical act of walking up and handing it to the lunch lady was hard because I already stood out. Large glasses broken in the middle (with tape barely holding them together), a hairstyle that really didn't fit me, and a shyness that left me locked in place. Singing and acting out scenes from movies finally became my way to pass the time and express my feelings. I wasn't comfortable enough to do so in front of others. It was saved for my room in front of the mirror with the hairbrush playing the role of a mic. It is wild how all of it comes back. Maybe because I am not sure whether or not I would be brave enough (like these families) to go in.... Well, that was until I saw the smiles on their faces. To have others accepting your circumstance and actually building a community while doing so. True Village Mentality in the best way possible.....!

Luv the painting and
the song!
'Mr. Roberts'
Now...the Art Collection  was in their Gallery. It is a small space....kind of like a hallway which was all that was needed. The Collection is titled 'The Hit List' by Fernando Reyes. He is a muralist and an artist who also works on signs. His outside work can be seen around Las Vegas. His work has also been in galleries in Las Vegas and in Los Angeles. The pieces were inspired by the music of The Beatles, and he left little Easter eggs in a few of them. If you stop by you should let me know what you found. We went around them a couple of times to make sure that we didn't miss anything. To learn more about the Library and find out how you can help them continue to do good please click the following link: http://www.lvccld.org/about/branch_info.cfm?id=7

'Lovely Rita'...can you
spy something that is
You can probably guess the
title of this one!?!
You will not be disappointed if you do pop in! To be able to see works of Art for free is invaluable. Not only do you get to see someone pay homage to one of your favorite bands, but you get the chance to pop a squat and read a book in a Library that is wonderfully utilized. It was wonderful to see so many people coming and going.

I have included some of the pictures I snapped while there (and placed them throughout the blog). If you are unable to see them in person you won't be left out. If you are in the area....you should get on that. The installation will be there until the 20th of November.
This one is wonderfully cooky!

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Look closely....!

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