Thursday, September 1, 2016

A State of Being....!

Hello Luvs,

A couple of chaotic days have now passed..still one more to go. Doctor's appointments, closed post office boxes, and thinning out more items is high on the priority list. Almost half is done....however, the thinning of items will be an uphill battle. We've notices that the kiddos are getting more used to the change (not even mentioning the items out of fingertips reach). Funny how when you find yourself with certain items and leave them behind how much you realize that they no longer retain the value or weight they previously did? You then find yourself in a state of calm, and feel as if your are the weight of a feather ....then you know something is going right.
As this cloud seems to surround the longs
for freedom.....and not ownership.

I am going to attempt a poem that expresses some of what I feel. Let's see what becomes of it shall we?

A State of Being

It is something I guess
I've felt before
True happiness....
In the blink of an eye
My tune adjusted to a sigh
Most likely Bliss....
I came down from up high
Fingers softly touching
The sky....
The things I longed to possess
Did not lead me down the road
I planned.....
So when I gave them away
No longer feeling the same 
Being mislead....
My own my foggy expectations
The dance then celebration
My mess.....
Did not give me wings sprouting
But a glow of content simply put
A state of being....

Til next time,