Tuesday, August 9, 2016

What I am learning about Airbnbs...

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We took this rainbow as a sign of
bliss ahead...better as an
in the moment observance!
I was planning on writing my blog about our experience in Worcester, Vermont. Because it would be all negativity I decided to just name some of the problems.

-Not cleaned including refrigerator (one of the most important!)
-Mice (my fear wouldn't let me touch the floor unless absolutely necessary)\
-Exposed wires
-Tools (all dangerous kind) laying around
-No television (listed on site) to watch Olympics
-Women's undergarments (Baby Boy came across them and fortunately did not touch)
-Air quality (starting at the stairs and throughout the top floor)

There are more things, but I thought that these would give you an idea. Basically the home is not Airbnb ready. Even at a lower price (which it was not) there are still fundamental issues that need addressing. The reason we were able to book was the coupon I was given from our last bad experience. Do I think that the host purposefully listed it knowing these were not ok? Well, both the Hubster and I think that they quite simply do not know what they should be doing and/or standards. I received a message from the host and her response was that her husband thought it was spotless.....mind boggling!

Lovely clouds on our way
to Burlington....
So, what does this say about Airbnb? Are they responsible for making sure that the listing is not misleading and standards are met? Whose responsibility is it to make sure that there are not people listing places that should be turned away until they meet certain qualifications.

These are some questions that come to mind when we realized that we have a 50/50 chance of booking a place that has serious issues. That....to me...is not a percentage that gives the mind confidence. We have stayed at some wonderful places also. But (for example) when we traveled for my birthday earlier this year the first place had issues and the host switched us to another. 

Light installation in Burlington.
Too bad we were not there in
When speaking to the Hubster about it we came away with two possibilities regarding this. Just like when you increase your activities in nature with challenging treks that include boulder climbing that the chances of scratches or other injuries are more likely to happen. Add recent rainfall and the chances increase. Thinking of it that way, do your chances of booking a terrible Airbnb increase the more you book. Maybe.... What are your thoughts? I am especially curious what your thoughts are if you've booked an Airbnb. Is it all about the money? Like a rental that has a negligent owner who fixes nothing (or on the cheap), yet is on you to make sure your rent payment is on time. It would be a sad state of affairs if Airbnb went that route.

Bell located at the Cathedral
of the Immaculate Conception
in Burlington.
That being said, I did not get a stitch of sleep at the house. Once we decided (after finding more items wrong with each passing hour there) I reached out to the host. Just so you know, the policy with Airbnb says that they must be available to you for the first 24 hours after you check in. I did not hear from her for hours, so we decided that I should call Airbnb. The first conversation was going sideways and the Hubster jumped on the line. After a conversation with him she asked me to send pictures (which I did) of some of the issues. Very shortly after that she called me and let me know that her goal was a full refund. If you saw the pictures you would have agreed with her decision. I did receive it (the amount in credit since I was booking another) within a few hours along with 10% of the booking cost. 

Our apartment is on the
top floor...
While I was working things out I reached out to the host of our current host Becky. Not only did she agree to a reduction in cost, but she let us check in early so the Hubster could start work on time. The young Lady who cleans the apartment did a wonderful job. We settled in quickly and feel completely at home. Whew...! If you're ever considering Stowe you should book one of hers. You will not regret it!

I would really like to hear your thoughts about Airbnbs. I know others who had negative experiences, who are hosts and have a stellar rating, and those who've had no problems at all. Is it just a roll of the dice?

The view I woke up to!
Oh, today's homeschooling will include a tour of the Ben & Jerry's factory located in Waterbury which is less than twenty minutes away....Yay! I will add pictures on instagram/twitter (@akatsmeoww11) and facebook (www.facebook.com/katsmeoww11) so be sure you are following and not miss out on the pics!

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