Monday, August 1, 2016

Very First Airbnb Disappointment...

Hi-'s off to
Montreal we go!
Hello Luvs,

Lots of craziness going on, with certain wonderful things coming to pass. Rolling along with what life throws at you is necessary to keeping ones sanity. Considering myself sane (well my version of sane) I am rolling downhills, through meadows, and back up the hill again... Living life in a way that the Hubster and I want adds a double layer of tape around our ankles and arms which happen to behind our backs. Gettin' the picture? We're sure that we are not the only ones who have embraced a different path, and I am sure they could add in a word or two. 
I am a sucker for a
beautiful bridge.

Working on music has been at a constant lately which makes me very happy! Collaborating with a talented artist that inspires me is a dream, and hopefully we will have something to share in the near future. I had Janis sitting in the case that she was in when I first bought her at a pawn shop. Needing some work I had to wait until it was in our budget. She is my favorite guitar, and allows me to play with layering. If you play guitar you know what I mean.

At the start Baby Boy
owned stand up paddling.
Life jacket on-will explore.
So....that is the good. Let me tell you about the bad. We have booked a few airbnbs over that last year. As a family some of our most memorable moments have happened at them. We booked a home by a lake here in Canada. From the pictures it looked like it was older (listed as rustic) but there were specific items in the pictures that showed that the owner took steps to make the place feel homey and cared for. It was listed as rustic but with all the items we needed (wifi, washer/dryer, three bedrooms, among some of the filters chosen). A few of the added touches were a garden area with a nicely cut lawn. Because we want to embrace more water activities having a canoe, pedal boat, and stand up paddle were nice to see. All of this meant that the cost was a little more, but that was ok because this was to be our one splurge place.

Even Goldie likes the
When we pulled up to the house it was not clear where we should park because the lawn was well overgrown. The garden....not at all like the be honest, not even recognizably present. The front outside of the porch had not been maintained along with items that made it look like a miscellaneous storage area with a ladder laying in the the middle. When we walked into the home we were speechless. It was also very different than what was pictured. The linens pictured were no where to be found but instead in their place were wrinkled dingy looking ones. There were no rolled towels or decorative items next to them. It looked to be about 35% of what the impression that was conveyed in the listing. A couple of nice things we saw were the items to make smores, red wine, along with bubble wands for the kids. Ok, positive thinking cap was back on because these were workable.                                              
As Janis and I created
the family headed out.

That was until I started to see mouse droppings all over the place. Yes, the listing did say that because the place is rural that we might see squirrels, chipmunks, and mice. I admit that easily. However, because it was our first day and the place was supposed to be cleaned before our arrival. These droppings had been there for a while. They were in the drawers, on counters, in dishes, on cutting boards, in the toaster, on the floor, etc., etc., etc. From what I know about mice. If you are present in a home (especially with a cat and sometimes dogs) they come out at night. So, why would there be so much if the owner came by earlier? Simply put...she did not clean it.

The refrigerator interior was pretty dirty throughout. Half eaten items were left inside to top it off. I had to clean it before putting food into it. There was no way I was going to our food in there. Add the inch of dust on top and you have a good idea why I was losing some of the positivity I had ten minutes before.

The view up from
the hammock.
I feel bad continuing, but I want others to know that there are bad experiences and everything is not all dandelions and roses. did these-
This place was right on a lake with a dock that allowed you to embrace an insane view. Was that enough of a trade off? Well, the pedal boat was older but worked. It was on it's last leg, but it was still an opportunity to see what the kids thought of water activities. We were told it leaked, however could still be used. Within a minute of the kiddos being in it the canoe was taking on water like crazy. It would sink! The Hubster and I looked at each other and had them get out. Last but not least was the stand up paddle (changed from the wind surfer mode). To our joy Baby Boy was like...I want to try it...and was a natural. It was as if he had been doing it for his entire life. He took out his sister and our dog for rides. This was a heart happy moment that we will never forget. After a bit Baby Girl was doing it also. Because it was more narrow than the typical board the Hubster took longer to get balancing together (he is 6'3 and broad shouldered for goodness sake). Once we get a proper board he will be rocking it. Now very last time on the board found me being able to stand. For most of the time I sat criss-crossed and went out like that. It was actually pretty funny trying to do it. Glad no one had it on video! Once again...was it worth the fact that the mice were not just visitors but residents?

end up here...climbing
the steps!
What really made it even more difficult was that the wifi did not work. We were unable to watch the television, go on devices, or receive emails. The landline that was in the listing did not work either. Because the Hubster needs a strong wifi connection, this was something that we could not overlook. Especially since we were spending more on it.

There were more issues like attachments coming apart, mold and rust in shower, windows not working, a washer and dryer that were not a true washer and dryer (more like a washer/spinner that had a handy-dandy tutorial to use it!), and unfinished walls (oh, I didn't mention that did I?). It was a case of calling something rustic instead of....we are not maintaining it at all.
Ya know what they say...the family that tows together...

We had to leave the place. In the end I was worried most about the health of my family. To have so much rodent droppings all over the place did not sit well. Not having proper working wifi adding to our decision and the confidence that we did the right thing.

Contacted the owner and she agreed to cancel our reservation. All we had to do was request the cancellation and the owner had to approve. We stressed that there would be a problem but there wasn't. We believe it was because we were right about the lack of maintenance. Things happen in our lives, and maybe that is the reason why it was in such disrepair. Honesty...probably needs to be torn down or stripped down and rebuilt from the bones.
To top things off? An epic sunset picture from Baby Girl.

After two nights of little to no sleep we are booking another place and looking toward our next adventure.

Until then...home you enjoyed the pictures from the day that are throughout the blog.

Til next time,


P.S. We found a very reasonable next move...but while traveling there we got a text that the current guests extended a day. Ya know there had to be a hiccup! Hotel for the night. Now 45 minutes into a call to airbnb because of a double charge AND the reservation not being cancelled. What does that mean? We are currently paying for two places!!!! ARGH!

P.S.S. After working with an airbnb agent still were not able to clear the schedule for me to use the airbnb. Had to stay at the hotel for two nights. Found a place that opened up in Prescott Ontario, and it is one of our favorites that we have booked thus far. Only bummer is that we can't stay longer because it is booked after us. I will hopefully have time to blog about today's  trip to Ottawa tomorrow. Pop back on soon!


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