Saturday, August 13, 2016

Spending a few hours in Burlington, Vermont....

Hello Luvs,

Luv it when the clouds meet us!
Whoolatta goodness in
this one...!
So, today the plan was all about visiting Burlington. No way would we come to Vermont and not visit Bernie Country (where he would climb a tree and write poetry!). Since it is only about 45 minutes from Stowe...the drive was not an issue. Before I let you know about the day I will quickly clue you in on what happened before.
Such a pretty graveyard

I have mentioned frequently that I keep an eye on budget. With only one constant (as far a employment) right now it is tops on my list. When I shop for the week I try to buy items that can be split between two meals. The main items I have had success in doing so are frozen vegetables (side dish for two meats), bacon (blts and with a brunch meal) wheat bread (blts, sandwiches, and toast) , eggs (egg salad and brunch), mixed salad greens (two dinners- at least/sandwiches/wraps/grilled cheese), sliced turkey (wraps/sandwiches), tortillas (quesadillas/wraps), sliced cheese (grilled cheese/wraps). From these you can get the picture. All of these are something that you should always keep in mind. If you are a vegetarian you can leave out the meat and add more fruit or nuts. Buying these staples are beyond handy. 

Here is the list again:

-frozen vegetables
-wheat bread
-mixed salad greens
This display at Garcia's stopped
me in my tracks!

-sliced turkey
-sliced cheese

Stringed instruments custom-made
by Missisquoi Delta Guitars...
Only one is for sale....look
him up on facebook!
These items will not break the bank and looking for the best quality that is on sale is the goal. Look for items that have ingredients you can pronounce. They do not need to come from a fancy store, but can be bought at your local supermarket. I have been able to keep my budget while traveling to Quebec City, Montreal, and Vermont. Oh, and you can mix up the meat, type of salad greens, or cheese. Doing this will allow you to pick out a splurge my case? DESSERT of course!

So let's talk about today. Since the Hubster was unable to come with us to Ben & Jerry's earlier in the week we made a quick stop there. We visited the flavor graveyard (pics provided) and the cows which we were not able to do last time.

Fav hat from this milliner!
Divine hats you can find at Frog Hollow!
Then it was time to head to Burlington. Since Waterbury (where B&J's is located) is on the way to Burlington we kept travel time down. It took us about 25-30 minutes more. Once we arrived we were blown away by all the traffic. Also, there are meters everywhere which are free on Holidays and Sundays (I would recommend going then if you can). It is $.25 per 15 minutes at the older meters and $1.50 for the newer ones (newer ones take credit cards). There were parking lots, but we never really do that and instead choose to walk a little further.
Missed going into the library....
loved the building!

Once we departed our car we walked down to Lake Champlain. It turned out that all the traffic was because of an air show. We have a habit of visiting places when something is happening. Sometimes it is a good thing.....and sometimes not so good. Unfortunately, the clouds were so low that you could only hear the planes versus seeing them. I am sure that folks who went there especially for the show were disappointed. They did make an announcement that they were going to still attempt to do something. We knew we only had a short amount of time on our meter so we went in search of an ATM.

This takes me to one downer that we are finding out. The Union we joined does not work outside of North Carolina. I was told that I needed to find a bank with Cash Points or Plus and could grab out money with no charge. Of course that was either misinformation or the person the Hubster spoke with was misinformed. I think that I will have to do cover what to look out for and share my lesson learned in another blog....are you still with me???? GOOD!
Could have easily missed this!
Dreamy alley graffiti! Oh My the colors!

This was the moment when we had a pay it forward interaction. If you read my blog regularly you know that you can easily read my emotion on my face. If I am concerned, scared, inquisitive, overjoyed, or know it. I was standing at a corner with the family and trying to figure out which way to go to find our car. The look on my face gave me away. A Lovely/Kind/Informative/Generous/Brilliant (that is impression that both the Hubster and I had) woman came over and and said, "You look as if you are looking for something. Can I help you find it?" Now, that alone has happened before, but she went on with her kindness. The Hubster had taken a picture of the street corner and she knew where it was AND asked if she could walk us there. WHAT??? It gets better....once we were across from where we needed to be she offered up her parking spot at her condo to us. Her car was in her garage, and she was not using her outside spot. Again....WHAT???? She gave us directions, asked what type of car we had (so she didn't tow it if we were late coming back, and offered it the next day if we needed it. Blown away by this Angel is an understatement. Of course we took her up on her offer! It was free versus $5-10. On a budget remember. After she walked away I was disappointed that neither the Hubster or I asked her what her name was! Don't fret....and keep reading.
Vader....what happened to your
Ooooohhhh Yeeeaaah! SIdewalk
never looked so good!

We then headed to Main Street stopping at a comic book store (Baby Boy), candy shop (Hubster and Baby Boy) and Champlain Chocolate Shop (me and Baby Girl). The hit? The chocolate shop! I picked up a Macadamia Caramel Cluster (slap somebody good), and Baby Girl picked up a simple sundae (Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream w/ Salted Caramel Sauce, and Whipped Cream) which was anything but simple and was also...say it with me....SLAP SOMEBODY GOOD! Sorry, but both were eaten so quickly after the first bite. I will HAVE TO remember to take pics right away next time.

Put ya hands up....!
Not sure why this made
me laugh...
Unfortunately, no restaurant stood out to us. We heard someone mentioning rain, and it reminded us of our time frame to avoid getting caught in it. We headed back to the car while admiring the architecture. I had decided to write a note to the kind stranger and leave a card. When walking up she came outside and asked about our day (outside yourself person...sooooo incredibly refreshing!) We thanked her again for her kindness. Oh, and I remembered to ask her for her name. It is Joyce! I gave her my blog name, and I hope that she is reading this. If so, Joyce you are representative of just how we 'As Human Beings' can look out for each other. Having the capability of being outside ourselves even when we might have a different priority at the time. You made our day and reminded us of the BEST WE CAN BE!
Some flowers to start/end
your day/night!

Whew! Didn't realize I had so much to say. Thanks for sticking with me, and enjoy the pictures taken today.

Til next time,


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