Saturday, August 6, 2016

Resolution with Airbnb issue and what our next steps are......

Good Morning/Evening Luvs,

Got really close to these!
Never gets old...
Hope your week went well for you. Record heat in many places can bring about serious health issues to even the best of us. Hopefully if that is the case where you are hopefully you will find a reprieve to it soon.

When a bird spreads it's wings... last blog was about our disappointing stay at the airbnb at the lake. Happy to say that the owner refunded all of our money. That was a worry for us since you had to contact within 24 hours of check in. We did, but because of the disfunctional wifi the message did not go out to her until well over six hours later. ARGH! She apologized for our dissatisfaction and ok'd the cancellation. The one problem we had with that was the fact that it takes several days to get your money back. If you are trying to live on a budget and finding spots along the way having access to a large amount of funds is a necessary. We finally got the money back yesterday though we left the place almost four days ago.
Located by the water this
local spot has ice cream
and other goodies.

Beautiful installations located under
trees planted as remembrance to
loved ones lost.
I do have to say one thing about the ordeal. I spoke with an airbnb agent named Erick and he was a big help, because the one we scheduled to go to next informed us (when we were less than an hour away) that the current people booked extended their stay. You can read more about it in my last blog - Erick got the money back from the instant book (she had her listing on the wrong setting) back to us. That also took a few days, but we got it back. Because it was a smaller amount it was not as big of an issue as the lake funds. Anyhow, he also managed to get me a significant amount in the form of a coupon. It made the time on the phone with him and the pain of finding our current airbnb bearable.

Unfortunately we had to admire
this lighthouse from afar....could not
walk on the rocks.
Location of Battle of the
Windmill (converted to
a lighthouse).
Speaking of our airbnb. We are now in Prescott Ontario.  It is about 35 minutes from Ottawa and lines up with the St. Lawrence River. We have visited the river a few times, and it is only about a five minute walk. When standing at the corner we can see it south of us. Pretty cool location, especially given the fact that when you do go down to the river you are looking across to New York. 

There is a lot of history in regard to the area. Some of it is good and some that is frightening. The Battle of the Windmill found the Hunter Patriots trying to invade Canada but were defeated by Canadian loyalists (wanting to stay under British control out of fear that) along with American and British troops. You can find out more about this at The interesting thing about it is that now Canada has taken on the very ideas and practices that the Hunter Patriots were fighting for.
These tootsies were happy
to rest on grass...dead as it was!

If course I had a parasol!
The bad....this is the place where the largest number of organized child molestation recorded in North American history to date. It took place decades ago, but I am sure that the residents who remember the hurt and scandal it caused can still feel the pangs of it's consequence. It is a scary thing to learn/hear about and makes you wonder if the area (with many businesses leaving or going under) is still feeling the repercussions.

We are here until tomorrow morning then off to Vermont. Because it has been more difficult finding an airbnb in our budget that allows us to stay til the end of the month we most likely will be booking a week at a time. I will let ya know where we'll flutter to when I know.
See you soon Luvs...!

Til then...please take a gander at some pictures taken during our stay here. Also, be sure to check out my next blog which will be all about our trip to Ottawa. It is our favorite city (with Quebec City being a close second) thus far!

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