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Our Trip to Hagerstown....!

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Mama's Got a Brand New Hat! flew by. It was not as though there was a lot to do, but when the day flows at can be magical and calming. Today the kiddos and I covered Science, Spelling, Reading, Geography, and Art. Learning about the specific area we are in really fine tunes what we cover. Hopefully on Monday we will be visiting an alpaca farm. I will be sure to let you know how it went and what we would rate the excursion.

One thing we loved was that the Hubster worked half the day. Being the man he is the first thing done was looking for something close to where we were planning to have the oil changed for our car. Since today is a field trip day it made sense to go out together.
All that jazz....!

If you haven't read it before in one of my blogs I should mention again that while we home/roadschool the kiddos making sure they receive art enrichment along with a good amount of exercise daily is important. Today's trip fit the bill.

Such a pretty entrance....
We traveled into Maryland (we are VERY close to the border). The Washington County Museum of Fine Arts in Hagerstown was our first stop. From the very beginning we could tell that the building was special. With the taglines...See It/Hear It/Feel It! we knew we were in the right place. Also, the fact that it is only about thirty minutes from the airbnb and free to the public is awesome. In the slideshow below you can see me posing next to a rather large bust of George Washington. We crossed the parking lot and walked into quite the museum.

Looks like someone got
ahold of my parasol!
The Hubster read on trip advisor that the Museum is a hidden gem. I could not agree more. At the entrance there is a bench with lions at the foot. The date 1930 was on the pillar behind it. That year was when the museum was first built. The nice gentleman at the security desk explained that it is non-profit (we noticed some sponsor plaques throughout) and has always been that way. The atrium area that you face when entering used to be the main entrance. You can also see it in the slideshow with me at the doorway. Looking at it made me wonder about those who used it back then. Wow!

Each room/collection was curated at a level that made me instantly react. Each exhibit kept my focus in a way that I had yet to experience. After speaking about it with the family I can tell you that this museum is one of the best (if not the best) one we have been to in our travels. There is something about the size, flow, art installations/exhibits, and balanced light exposure which makes the areas both welcoming and peaceful. There's a room where an original Norman Rockwell hangs along with a case explaining how it came to be there. Reading it inspired in me a respect for the gentleman he was. 

After the museum we fluttered through a garden to the Hagerstown City Park. The museum is a separate entity and they have no affiliation. Even so, they make perfect sense next to each other. This park happened to be a place that had more ducks, geese, swans, mallards, and catfish (at least that is what we think they were) that I have ever seen in one place. They would move aside when they saw you coming, fly into the water, or keep to the various oases that were located within the path that surrounded the water. Because of this there was a considerable amount of different shades of fowl droppings. Something I know that they have their hands full with. Even with that...the weeping willows, roses, and water areas we enjoyed ourselves. Of course Baby Boy had to do some his new bucket hat!

For more pictures of the day...just click the link below:

So how would I rate the two places? Well, keep reading and I'll tell ya...

Rated 1-5 with 5 being highest possible.


Convenience- 4.8
Cost- 5 ($0)
Family friendly- 5
Art available for viewing- 5 (Dali, Tiffany, Rockwell...just to name a few)


Convenience- 4.5
Family friendly- 4 (4.5 if there wasn't so many droppings)
Activities for children- 4.5 (park for younger children located down pathway on the side closest to the museum-with a play structure installed earlier this year)

Overall my opinion is that it is worth the trip if you are ever in the area. They even have a picnic area if you are visiting when the sun is melting ya! If you would like to learn more about the museum and park (upcoming events or how to support them) click the links below.

Arts Museum:
City Park:

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